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Object of the Game

Being shareholders, the players build the rail network of the individual cable car companies and buy their shares. For each completed line the respective cable car company gains profit points. Who will have the most valuable shares and win the game?

Setting up and preparing game play


When playing with this expansion, the players do not own any cable car companies. Instead of establishing their own com- panies, players are buying shares of several of the 8 cable car companies. Regardless of the number of players all 8 companies are used always.

Set up and preparations are the same as for the basic "Cable Car" game with the following exceptions:

  • 32 Cars - 4 cars of each color (each color is representing a different cable car company) are placed on the spaces of the map according to the following chart. The numbers indicate the spaces where the cars have to be placed.

  • 8 scoring markers - Regardless of the number of players all 8 scoring markers are placed on the "0" space of the scoring track.

  • 32 shares - For each of the 8 cable car companies there is one each of a 10%-, 20%-, 30%-, and 40%-share available.

  • 1 shares sheet

    All shares are sorted by percentages, resulting in four piles. The piles are shuffled separately and placed face down on the appropriate spaces of the shares sheet.

    Each player draws one card from each pile without showing their cards to the other players. Then the top card of each pile is drawn and placed face up next to the particular pile.

Game Play

When performing their turn a player now must decide between two possible actions:

  • place track tiles (see basic rules)

  • exchange one share Except for this change the same rules are used for this expansion as for the basic "Cable Car" game.

Action: Exchange One Share

The active player places one of their own shares face down at the bottom of the pile of the same percentage. Then they take either the face up card or the top face down card of this pile. If they take the face up card, they reveal the top face down card from the pile to be used as new face up card.

Important: Shares can be exchanged only as long as the first scoring marker of any cable car company has not reached or exceeded the 25 points space yet.

Scoring Of Cable Car Companies

Scoring is done the same way as in the basic game. Points do now count as profit points for the cable car companies instead of victory points for the players.

End of the Game

After all tiles have been laid out and scoring has been done for all companies a final scoring takes place.

First determine the value of each cable car company:

  • Companies with most profit points: each value 8,
  • with second most profit points: each value 7, etc.
  • company with least profit points: each value 1

Please use a car of the appropriate color to indicate the values on the scoring track.

Now the players sum up their victory points (VP):

40%-share = 4x value of respective company; 30%-share = 3x value; 20%-share = 2x value; 10%-share = 1x value

The player whose share(s) of a certain company add up to the highest percentage of this company held by any player gains bonus points. These bonus points are a tenth of the company's profit points, rounded down.

In case of a tie both players gain the full amount of bonus points. All players add up their total, the player with the highest total is the winner of the game.

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