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  • 288 Sets of Buzzword Clues on 144 Cards
  • 5 Scoring Cards
  • 45-Second Sand Timer
  • Scoreboard
  • marker
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first team to score 30 points.

What's the Buzzword

The "Buzzword", which is found at the top right corner of each card, is contained in the answer to each of the 5 clues. For example, here are the clues and answers for the Buzzword Tooth:


Divide into 2 teams. Each team chooses a name and writes it in an oval on the Scoreboard. Keep the Scoreboard and Marker nearby. You'll need a damp tissue to wipe it off.

Shuffle the 5 scoring cards, and deal 1 to each team. The team with the highest number goes first. Combine all Scoring Cards faceup in a pile in order from 1 to 5, with 1 on top.

Place the card box nearby. The cards are printed with different colors on each side. Play through one color first and then switch to the other color to avoid repeats.

Game Play

  • Teams will take turns reading clues to the other team.

  • When it's your team's turn, a player from the opposing team takes a card from the box and says the Buzzword that's printed on the corner of the card. This is your team's clue to the answers.

  • The Timer is turned over, and the player with the card begins reading the clues in order from 1 to 5.

  • You and your teammates all play at the same time and say answers aloud. When an answer is correct, the next clue is read.

  • If your team is stumped, you may pass and move to the next clue.

  • Once a clue is passed, your team won't get a chance to come back to it.

  • Play stops when the Timer runs out. Your whole team should be quiet, because any answers given after time runs out can be stolen by the opposing team.

The Opposing Team:

  • While one team is guessing, the opposing team has three things to do: read the clues, handle the Scoring Cards, and watch the Timer.

  • One player reads the clues as described above.

  • Another player puts all Scoring Cards number side up in a row on the table. No. 1 represents the first clue; No. 2, the second clue; and so on. If the guessing team gets the answer right, the corresponding card is turned over. If the guessing team passes on a clue or runs out of time before a clue is read, the card is left number side up.

  • One of the players watches the Timer and gives a hearty "Bzzzzzz!" when time is up.

  • Now, the opposing team has a chance to steal any clues that correspond to the Scoring Cards that remain number side up.

  • The same player from the opposing team now reads those clues to his or her teammates, who say their answers aloud.


Each team scores 1 point for each correct answer given while either playing or stealing. Keep track on the Scoreboard.

End of the Game

The game ends when a team reaches 30 points and both teams have had an equal number of turns. The team with the highest score wins!

Alternate Game Play

For an easier version of the game, players may choose to turn the Timer over twice to double the amount of time available for answers.

For the youngest players or beginning readers, the game also may be played without the Timer.

In that case, players should decide on a reasonable length of time for the team to guess.

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