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Burgle Bros, is a cooperative game for 1-4 players. Players are members of the Burgle Bros., an elite crew that can pull off impossible heists. Your mission is to get in and out with- out getting caught.

There are many types of alarms and patrolling Guards to avoid. If anyone gets caught, it's all over. Find the Safes, crack them, and get to the roof to escape!

Setup: The Bank Job (3 Floors)

In this job, you are hitting a high-end bank. There are safes with priceless loot you are going to procure. Shuffle the Tools, Loot, and Events decks individually; put piles off to the side face down.

Now, construct the bank building (three floors). Each floor contains 1 safe and 1 stairway: Find the 3 Safe tiles and 3 Stairway tiles and set them aside. Shuffle the remaining 42 Floor tiles and create 3 decks of 14 tiles each, one for each floor.

Place 1 Safe tile and 1 Stair tile into each of those decks, then shuffle and deal each deck face down into a 4x4 grid to represent a floor of the bank. Place 8 wall pieces between tiles on each floor, as indicated in the diagram "The Bank Job".

Separate and shuffle 48 Patrol cards into three piles of 16, based on their indicated floor. Place one pile near each floor - these are the Patrol decks. Put a Guard piece and a red Guard die next to each Patrol deck. The Guards start with the following numbers showing on their dice: 2 on the 1st floor, 3 on the 2nd floor, 4 on the 3rd floor.

To win, open all 3 safes and escape with the loot through the stairs on the third floor to the roof without getting caught.

Game Play

Each player gets a random Character card. They choose one side of the card to use this game. (Sides labeled 'Advanced' are not recommended for beginners). Each player then takes his/her corresponding Character piece and 3 Stealth tokens. Reveal the top card on the first floor Patrol deck. Place the Guard piece on the tile indicated by the Patrol Card Grid.

Then, you and your accomplices choose any tile spot on the first floor your team will enter through. Reveal that card and mark it as the entrance with a Downstairs token.

Each player will start in the entrance, but not until your first turn begins. Before you begin play, reveal the next Patrol card and place the Guard die (red) on the highlighted tile. The Guard will now move toward that space; once the Guard reach- es his destination, draw a new Patrol card to determine his next destination.

On your first turn of the game, place your meeple on the entrance. Starting on the entrance does not trigger any effects of the card, such as setting off an Alarm.

Note: The Guard will move after each players turn!

Tip: Get people on the second floor pronto to slow him down!

Game Turn

On Your Turn:

  1. Take up to 4 actions listed below, in any combination. You may take the same action more than once:

    a. Reveal an adjacent tile (Peek).

    b. Move to an adjacent tile. If that tile is face down, reveal it.

    When On A Computer Room Tile:

    c. Add a Hack token to this tile.

    When On A Safe Tile:

    d. Add a die to this Safe tile (costs 2 actions).

    e. Attempt to crack the safe by rolling the dice on this tile.

  2. If you only used 2 actions or fewer, draw an Event card.

  3. Move the Guard on your current floor.


This action allows you to reveal an adjacent tile without entering it. You may not peek diagonally or through walls. When on a Stairs tile, you may peek at the corresponding tile on the next floor up.

Note: You must verbally declare whether you are Peeking or Moving BEFORE revealing a tile.


Both Players and Guards can move between rooms on a floor, but may not move through walls or diagonally. Attempting to move onto a tile costs 1 action. When you try to move onto a tile, reveal it and fol- low the text, if applicable.

For example, a Laser tile requires 2 actions to enter without triggering an alarm; should you only spend 1 action to enter, an Alarm will go off. If you cannot or do not want to meet the requirements of the tile, one of two things will happen:

If the tile has the Stop icon, you may not enter the tile. Your meeple stays on the tile you came from. This does not count as re-entering the original tile.

If the tile has an Alarm icon, an Alarm is triggered on that tile (see "Alarms" below).

Stairs and Ducts take 1 action to move through. Stairs connect to the next floor or the roof (from the top floor). You can move between floors, but you may not escape to the roof until you have cleaned out (cracked) all of the safes.

When you move into a room that a Guard is currently in, you immediately lose 1 Stealth.

Note: When a game effect states "does not count as entering" this means the tile text for entering does not apply (Alarms/Blocking). But player will still lose Stealth if they enter a tile with a Guard.

Tip: It is safer to peek, but also slower. Sometimes you may have to risk it and run!

Move Guard

Only the Guard on your current floor will move - because in the movies, time only passes when the camera is on you! The number on the Guard die indicates the Guard's speed (tiles moved).

When it is time to move a Guard, add the number of Alarms currently going off on the floor to the number on the Guards die (do not turn the die), and then move the Guard that many times along the shortest possible path toward his destination (the die).

Like players, the Guard cannot move through walls; however the Guard ignores all special rules on the tiles he enters, even if they're face up (he has a security badge to bypass everything).

When the Guard reaches his destination, reveal the next Patrol card and place the the Guard die on the newly indicated location. If the Guard has not used up all of his movement, continue to move him toward this new destination.

Remember, the Guard will always take the shortest possible path to the destination. If there are multiple shortest paths, the Guard will choose the path that follows the most clock- wise route (starting at left path from Guard's point of view).

When the Guard moves into the room your piece is in, you immediately lose 1 Stealth.

Tip: Sometimes moving into the Guard is the best choice if you are likely to get hit by him anyway. Remember: Alarms will not go off on a tile the Guard is on.

New Floor

The Guard's location is not revealed until a player enters a new floor. When you enter a floor, reveal the top card of the patrol deck. Place the Guard piece on the indicated tile. Reveal the next card to determine his destination, and place his movement die in that location.

Speed Up

When a Guard needs a new destination but has run out of Patrol cards, reshuffle his discard pile to form a new deck and change his die to one number higher (max 6).

You can look at the discard pile for a Guard, but not face- down cards. Use this information to deduce where he is likely to go next.


When an Alarm is triggered, place both an Alarm token and the Guards movement die on the Tile where the Alarm went off. When the Guard enters the tile with an Alarm, it is turned off and the token is removed.

Removing an Alarm token does not affect the current movement speed of the Guard; it is set at the start of his movement. If a second Alarm is triggered before the first is turned off, the Guard will go toward the closest one (players choose if tied), then proceed to the next closest one. Once all Alarms on the floor are turned off (no alarm tokens), draw a new Patrol card.

Note: If you enter a tile with a Guard (losing a Stealth), the Alarm will not be triggered.

Tip: Don't be too afraid of Alarms -just get out of the way!


Use one action to put a Hack token from the supply onto a Computer Room tile that you are on. A Hack token allows you to prevent an Alarm from going off. When an alarm would be triggered on any floor, discard a token from the computer room tile that matches the alarm.

Note: A Computer Room can only store up to 6 Hack tokens.

Tip: Building up a couple tokens on any Computer Room is good for preparing for more difficult floors.


When you are on a Safe tile, you may either spend 2 actions to permanently add a die to the tile or spend 1 action to roll all the dice that have built up on the tile. This does not consume the dice; they are returned to the tile (safe tiles start with no dice on them). However, in order to crack the safe, you must discover the combination by revealing all 6 tiles in the same row and column as the safe.

The combination will be the numbers written on the bottom right corner of each tile. After each roll, put a Cracked token on all tiles that match any of the numbers you rolled. If there are multiples of the same number, place Cracked tokens on each of them, even if that number was rolled once.

You don't need to reveal the entire combination to start rolling, but a tile does not get a token unless it was revealed before that number was rolled.

Once all the tiles in the row and column of the safe have a Cracked token, the safe is open.

When you crack a safe (put Cracked tokens on all 6 numbers of the combination), the following happens:

  1. Draw a Tool card from the Tool deck.
  2. Draw a Loot card from the Loot deck.
  3. A silent alarm is triggered, meaning that the Guard on your current floor and any floor below the current one will have one additional movement permanently (rotate the die up one).
    E.g., cracking the 2nd floor safe adds 1 to the movement die of the Guards on the first and second floor.


When you find a Tool, place it near your Character card until you want to use it. Tools can be given or taken from another player on the same tile (with their permission) as a free action. Tools do not cost an action to use, but you must use them on your turn.


When you find Loot, take the card and place it near your Character card. Your team must escape with all the Loot. If any Loot is left behind, you lose! Each Loot has a penalty when holding it. Loot can be given or taken from another player on the same tile (with their permission) as a free action.

End of the Game

If you have no Stealth tokens left, and either you enter a tile with a Guard on it or the Guard enters your tile, then you are captured! Once captured, you give up the names of your crew, and the team loses!

Once you have cracked all the safes, you have the loot and can leave through the stairs on the top floor to the roof. Once you are on the roof, your game is over - you don't take any more turns. Once all players have escaped to the roof you win the game. Your mission is accomplished and you sneak away in your helicopter.

Leaving through the stairs to the roof takes one action, just like moving through any other stairs. On the turn you escape, no Guard moves since you are not on a floor anymore.

Important Tip!

It is essential to learn how to manipulate the Guards to win the game. If the Guard is going to run into another player at the end of your turn, don't forget to check to see if there is anything you can do to help:

  • Move to another floor, so that the Guard on this floor doesn't move at the end of your turn.
  • Trigger an Alarm on this floor to redirect him.
  • Idle 2 actions and draw an Event and hope for the best!

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