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Easier Variants

If you want a game that is easier to explain and play (for example, when playing with younger children) you can choose among the following adjustments to the rules:

1. Ignore the tongue-changes-species rules. All players with ears are rabbits. They score points based on the rabbit cards and not on the moose cards. They move their rabbit figures. Similarly, all players with antlers are moose. The tongue only matters for tongue scoring cards.

2. Remove the score multiplying cards (x2).

3. Remove the score reversal cards (±). (However, the score reversal cards really make the game interesting, so keep them if the playes can handle it).)

4. Hide part of the poei so that it only has 4 lines (and thus there will only be 4 piles of scoring cards on the table).

Challenge Variant

For a more challenging game, turn the poem sheet over be 8 piles on the table. This makes playing and scoring and read the longer poem. It has eight lines, so there will more difficult.

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