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Ahhhhh - There's a bug in the kitchen! Quick-get it! Use the utensils to lure it into your trap. Roll the die to see whether you can turn a fork, knife, or spoon.

React fast and move the utensils in the right direction to guide the bug into your trap. Each bug you trap earns you one bug token. The first player to collect 5 tokens wins the game.


  • 24 pegs
  • 1 game device
  • 1 game board
  • 4 traps
  • 24 utensils
  • 1 special edition Hexbug nano
  • 1 die
  • 2 tap doors
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the first to collect five bug tokens.

Playing for the First Time

Ask a grown-up to help you set up the game. Carefully remove all the pieces from the perforated panels. To set up the game board:

  • insert the pegs 1 into the 24 holes of the game device 2.

  • Cover everything with the game board surface 3.

  • Put the traps 4 into the four compartments of the inlay.

  • Fit the utensils 5 onto the pegs as shown in the illustration.


  • Have the HEXBUG nano 6, bug tokens 7 and die 8 ready.

  • Each player chooses a corner with a trap. If there are less than four players, barricade the unused traps with a door 9. Surplus doors will not be needed. With only two players, choose traps opposite from each other.

  • Turn all the utensils to one of the following starting positions.

Game Play

1. Start the HEXBUG nano

The youngest player starts. Turn on the the HEXBUG nano by flipping the switch found underneath the device and place it in the middle of the game board.

2. Roll the die

If the die shows a knife, fork or spoon, quickly turn that one corresponding utensil.

Example: if the die shows a knife, turn one knife.

If the die shows a question mark, quickly turn anyone utensil; either a knife, fork, or spoon.

3. Turning Utensils

Always turn the utensils so that they lock into place. The utensils should not be left at an angle. If a player takes too long, the other players can tell them to hurry up.

Play continues in a clockwise direction. The next player rolls the die and turns the corresponding utensil.

4. Trap the HEXBUG nano

The HEXBUG nano will crawl all across the game board. You can direct its path and lure it into the trap by strategically turning utensils.

Try to change its path so it ends up in your trap. As soon as it falls into a trap, the player who owns the trap receives a bug token.

Turn off the HEXBUG nano momentarily and set all the utensils back to form one of the starting positions.

The player who won the last bug token begins the the next round.

Tips for playing with the HEXBUG nano:

  • Don't get it Jammed when turning utensils.

  • Help it back on its feet if it turns over.

  • Nudge it if it gets stuck in a corner.

End of the Game

The game is over as soon as someone has collected five bug tokens.

Game Variation

The rules of the game stay the same. However, in this variation, everyone tries to keep the bug out of their own trap.

For every bug that falls into your trap, you receive a bug token. The first player to collect five bug tokens loses the game.

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