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Oh no!!! There is a HEXBUG in the yard and it came out of one of the drain pipes!!!!

Now stay perfectly still and hope you don't get caught! Were you lucky? Continue the race to the finish. Did it bump you off the path? Then quickly go back to the start.

You'll need to be quick and daring to be the first player to get your bugs to the finish!


  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Three-dimensional yard
  • 1 HEXBUG nano V2
  • 2 Loops
  • 12 Bugs
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first player to get all their bugs to the finish wins!


Carefully press the four holes out of the game board. If the game board bends during transport, carefully bend it straight, so that the HEXBUG nano V2 can run on it with no problem.

Place the game board onto the box insert so that the side with the fish bones faces upwards. Push the loops into the slots to the right and left of the game board.

Each player chooses three bugs of one color. All players place their bugs on the start square next to the mouse.

The finish is opposite at the ivy leaves. Have the die and the HEXBUG nano V2 ready beside the game board.

Game Play

  1. Starting the Hexbug Nano V2

    Switch on the HEXBUG nano V2 on the underside and push it head first into one of the loops.

    The HEXBUG nano V2 runs into the loop and disappears under the game surface.

  2. Roll the Die and Run

    The youngest player begins. Roll the die and move your bug 1 to 4 spaces forwards. It's up to you to decide which of the two paths to travel.

    Occupied spaces are counted. If the target space of your roll is occupied, jump over it.

    Example: The green player rolls a 1. They decide to travel along the same path as blue. Since their target space is occupied by blue, they jump to the first empty space in front of blue.

    Near the finish, you can roll a higher number than you need.

    If a bug lands on one of the four raised spaces, you are safe! The HEXBUG nano V2 cannot catch you on a safe space!

    Once the starting player completes their turn, play continues immediately in a clockwise direction.

    You can have as many bugs on the paths as you want.

    Tip: The more bugs in the game, the faster it goes!

  3. As soon as the hexbug nano v2 sets foot on the game board ...

    ... the game is interrupted. As long as the HEXBUG is in the yard, no moves can be made!

    The HEXBUG nano V2 scurries across the game board, bumping into the bugs in his way.

    When a bug is pushed directly in front of the entrance to a loop, push it back onto the game board. Otherwise, they all remain standing on the spot they were pushed to.

  4. As soon as the hexbug nano v2 leaves the yard...

    ... look and see if the bugs are touching a space on the paths.

    • If a bug is touching a space... It stays on that space and continues the game from there.

    • If a bug is not touching a space... Move it back to the starting space.


    • If a bug is standing between two empty spaces and is touching both of them, move it to the space closest to the finish and continue your turn from there.

    • If two bugs are touching the same space, they both remain on that space and continue from there.

    • If the HEXBUG nano V2 pushes a bug to a space further forwards, you're lucky and continue from there.

Then continue the game. The next player rolls the die and moves their bug.

But beware: The HEXBUG nano V2 can reappear at any moment ...

End of the Game

The winner is the first player to get all their bugs to the finish!

Hints on Handling the Hexbug Nano V2:

  • Please give it a gentle push if it gets stuck in a corner.
  • Help it back up on its legs if it flips over.
  • If its battery should suddenly fail while in a loop, hold the loop and gently shake it out.
  • If it runs much slower than at the beginning, change the battery.
  • Never play Buggaloop with more than 1 HEXBUG nano V2.

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