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The Roles


Gatherers help players receive new resources. Resources are always placed visibly in front of players, so that they can be counted by the other players at any time.

Depending on whether the role is played bravely or cowardly, the number of resources taken from the supply is 3 or 1.

Note: The supply piles for the potions or magic wands are not meant to run out. Use place-holders if necessary.


Witches (both brave and cowardly) help players move their pawns around the board. Brave witches also deliver potions to the towers, allowing players to earn victory points.


Druids (brave and cowardly) help players deliver potions to the towers in order to earn victory points. Brave druids receive an additional 3 victory points.

Delivering potions as a brave witch
  • First, the player moves one pawn to an adjacent area where the landscape type corresponds to the played witch. This area may contain any number of other pawns, but cannot contain clouds.

  • Then the player chooses one of their potions to deliver, in the new area, to an empty circular tower of the same color. If there is no matching empty tower, the player cannot deliver a potion.

    If an arrow points to the tower, the potion is placed on the tower, and the tower is "occupied".

  • Finally, the player advances the victory point marker as many victory points as specified in the supplied tower. If there are one or two additional wands shown, the player takes the wand(s) from the general supply to keep.

    The tower is now "occupied" and can no longer receive potions

Instead of a circular tower, a player can also deliver to a square tower (if available). In this case, the potion is not delivered to the tower, but to the general supply. The square towers can be delivered to multiple times; thus, they are always open - for the entire game!

When delivering to a square tower, a player also receives the victory points indicated by the tower. Each player may deliver only one potion per role to the square towers.

If an arrow points away from the tower, the potion is delivered to the general supply. Square towers can be delivered to repeatedly.

Delivering potions as a druid

For a druid (brave or cowardly) to deliver a potion, the same rules apply with the following exception: no pawn is moved, but at least one of the player's own pawns must already be in the corresponding area.

As a brave druid, a player receives 3 victory points more than the supplied tower specifies.

These additional 3 victory points can only be received if the player actually delivers the potion; just "being brave" is not enough!

The location of a tower depends on which areas touch its base. Thus, these 4 towers can receive potions from pawns within the following areas:

The left purple tower - for- est, hill, or prairie (multiple times, 4 VP each time); the central purple tower - hill or prairie (just once, 6 VP); the upper orange tower - hill only (just once, 5 VP); the lower purple tower - prairie only (just once, 3 VP + 1 wand)

The Clouds

No pawn may be moved onto or over water areas or land areas where there are one or more cloud tiles. The player must first try to charm away the clouds with the help of the weather fairy.

Note, lightning on the "removed" (charmed away) clouds bring victory points at the end of the game (see back of game summary).

To charm away a cloud, the following conditions must be met:

  • The player must place the weather fairy role card and have at least one pawn in an area adjacent to the cloud to be charmed away.

  • The player must return to the general supply the number of wands that matches the number on the star on the cloud.

The player then keeps the "removed" cloud (visible to other players). As a brave weather fairy, the player also receives 3 additional victory points. The player only receives the additional 3 victory points if a cloud is charmed away; just "being brave" is not enough.

The Events

There are 10 different events. One event is revealed each round.

Of the 10 events cards, one takes effect before selecting the roles, three take effect during the round, and six take effect at the end of the round. The cards are self-explanatory, clarifying details are below:

  • "More or Less?"

    All players choose between 1-5 role cards (hidden from other players), then simultaneously reveal the number of selected role cards and gain or lose the corresponding number of victory points. The round then plays as usual.

  • "Black Market" & "Black Distillery"

    A player can decide whether to take the action or the event each time the player plays a role cowardly.

  • "Perilous Places"

    Example: Both of Daniel S pawns are in forests. He loses 2 victory points.

    Emily's pawns are in a prairie and a forest. She loses 4 victory points.

  • "Protected Places"

    Example: Daniel's pawns are on a hill and a mountain. He neither gains nor loses victory points.

    Emily's pawns are in a prairie and a forest: She moves forward 2 victory points.

  • "The Upper Hand"

    Each player announces how many resources they have to start. Then all players simultaneously take any number of their resources in a closed fist, and hold it over the table. The fists are opened at the same time, and the numbers of resources are compared.

  • "Empty Handed"

    The resources are kept by the player.

  • "The Works!"

    Each player may only deliver a maximum of one set of resources.

  • "Flock Together"

    The player's two pawns must be in the same type of area, but not necessarily in the same area.

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