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  • Prince

    You win the round

    This card always wins the round except against the Princess and the Musician.

    It doesn't matter if the Assassin has turned the tables, the Prince beats the Assassin. However, the Musician still puts the round on hold.

    Warning: if the opponent plays the Princess against your Prince, he doesn't just win the round, he wins the game!

  • General

    The card in your next round gets +2 strength

    The General's power affects the next round. If the opponent plays the Wizard in the next round, it does not nullify the General's power.

  • Wizard

    Nullifies the special power of your opponent's card

    The Wizard nullifies the opponent's special power, which simply means that the highest card wins the round.

  • Ambassador

    If you win with this card, it counts as 2 victories

    This effect is valid even if the round is on hold.

    If the player who played the Ambassador wins the round follow ng a hold, it's worth 3 victories.

  • Assassin

    The lowest strength wins

    The lowest strength wins, except against a Prince.

  • Spy

    Next round, your opponent reveals his card before you choose yours

    If both players choose the Spy the same round, their powers nullify each other.

  • Princess

    If your opponent plays the Prince, you automatically win the game

    If your opponent plays the Prince, the game ends immediately and you win, regardless of the number of victories.

  • Musician

    This round is nullified and put on hold

    This power wins over all powers, except the Wizard's.

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