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  • 192 Game Cards
  • 40 Game Tiles
  • 6 Pawns
  • 6 Scorecards
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Game Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect a game tile from all four categories to win!



  1. Assemble the game board as shown above.

  2. Pop out the 40 game tiles, and randomly place them face down - "Brain Games" side up - in the hexagon spaces on the game board. One tile per space. START spaces remain empty.

  3. Sort the deck of Game Cards by category to form 4 smaller decks: VISION, LOGIC, LANGUAGE, and MIND & BODY.

  4. Shuffle each deck and insert them face up into the corresponding slots in the box platform.

  5. Each player selects a pawn and places it on the START space of the matching color.

  6. Each player places a scorecard in front of them.

  7. Now you're ready to play! Each player rolls the die. The player that rolls the highest number goes first.

Game Play

On your turn:

  • Roll the die and move the number of spaces indicated.

  • You may move to any adjacent space, in any direction, whether a tile is there or not. Multiple pawns may share a space. (If your move ends on a space without a tile, then your turn is over, and play then moves to the player on the left).

  • Flip over the tile you land on. It indicates which category you will play on your turn - see game Tiles.

  • The player to your left draws the top Game Card from the corresponding category card deck. That player will be the reader for the turn unless a Head-To-Head challenge card is drawn - see Head-To-Head challenges.

If this icon appears on a card, the reader must cover-up the front image on the card as directed.

The reader silently reads the card to themselves so they understand how it will be played. Then the reader will Hold up the card so you can clearly see the picture on the front, and read the question or challenge on the back of the card ouT loud.

  • IF YOU ANSWER CORRECTLY, or successfully complete the challenge, then you win the tile and place it on your scorecard in its corresponding spot.

  • IF YOU ANSWER INCORRECTLY, or lose the challenge, then the tile is flipped back over and remains on the board.

After the tile is or is not awarded, your turn is over. Your pawn remains in that space until your next turn. Play moves to the next player on the left.

Winning additional tiles of the same color

If you win a tile color that you've already collected, place that additional tile on the BRAIN TRUST portion of your scorecard.

When you collect any 2 additional tiles, you may trade them in to select any category to play for that turn.

Trading In Tiles: Instead of rolling the die at the start of your turn, trade in the 2 tiles by placing them out of play for the remainder of the game. Then you must declare which category you will play for that turn.

The top card will be played in the deck for that category as in a normal round.

If you win, one of the tiles you traded in is placed upside down on the corresponding spot on your score card - "Brain Games" side up! The other tile still remains out of play for the remainder of the game.

Game Tiles

Game Tiles will tell you which category you will play on your turn. However, there are two other types of Game Tiles you may find:


If you land on a Lose-A-Turn tile, then you do not draw a card, and your turn is over. The tile is flipped back over, and remains on the board.

Pay Attention: Remembering the location of these tiles will become crucial as fewer and fewer tiles become available on the board!

Wild Tile

If you land on a Wild tile, then you can select any category to play for that turn. The top card will be played in the deck for that category as in a normal round.

Head-to-head Challenges

Each category also contains a number of head-to-head challenge cards. If a HEAD-TO-HEAD card is drawn on your turn, then you must select another player to compete against for that tile.

That player becomes the challenger. The card is then read to BOTH players by another player - just like a normal turn.

Whoever wins the challenge as stated on the card is awarded the tile. If neither player wins the challenge, then the turn is over and play moves to the next player on the left.

End of the Game

The first player to collect at least one tile from each of the four categories wins!

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