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  • 16 Balls
  • 4 Ball Holders
  • 1 Game Tray
  • 9 Challenge Cards
  • Rulebook


Place the Game Tray on the playing surface between players. After players take the balls of their color and put them in their ball holders...

Game Play

  1. Draw Card

    Each has a unique design.

  2. Bounce Ball. Repeat.

    The ball must bounce at least once before it goes into the tray. If you use all your balls, take one out of the tray to keep going until someone is able to...

  3. Match Card

    Line up the balls of your color in the tray to match the design on the card.

  4. Grab Card.

    If you're the first to match the design, take the card. Kaboom.

  5. Go Back To Step 1.

End Of The Gane

The first player to get 3 cards wins!


All Play

All players bounce at the same time. If you're first to match the design, grab that card quick!

One Bounce

Take turns. Each player bounces in one ball at a time on their turn. Play is clockwise.


There are easy and hard cards. You can mix them together any way you like to decide what kind of a challenge you're up for.

  • Blue = Hard
  • Green = Easy


Play as a team with teammates playing across from each other or with 2 players it's every player for themselves.

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