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Activated Ability: An activated ability is any effect that requires the player to declare its use or pay a cost. (For example, "destroy this room" abilities are always activated abilities). Ongoing abilities and "when you build this room" abilities are not considered activated abilities.

Build: Abilities that say "When you build this room" trigger only when a room is built, not if it is revealed for other reasons (such as a room above it being destroyed).

Deactivate: A "deactivated" Room is turned sideways until the end of the turn. (Ignore any damage, Treasure, or abilities usually associated with the Room while it is turned sideways. Effects that trigger off the number of rooms in your dungeon do not count it as a room while it is deactivated.

Treat it as a "blank" space in the dungeon, so cards on either side are not adjacent to one another. At the end of the turn, it is reactivated). Rooms cannot be built over deactivated cards.

Dead: Heroes can be killed by damage, Spells, or by reaching a Boss. Any Hero that reaches a Boss is considered "dead" and is placed in that player's scorekeeping area either face- up (as a Wound) or face-down (as a Soul).

Destroy: A room that is "destroyed" is sent to the discard pile. The room under that room is revealed (not destroyed).

Discard: By default, an effect that forces a player to discard a card allows the player to choose which card is discarded. (When a card says "discard a card at random", the player does not get to choose).

Entrance: The "entrance" to your dungeon is the area to the left of your leftmost Room. (If you add Rooms, Heroes at the entrance to your dungeon are moved to the left). At the beginning of the Adventure phase, Heroes enter dungeons in the order that they arrived.

Face-Down: Cards are played face-down in order to conceal information. Rooms are played face-down during the Build phase before being revealed during the Bait phase.

Additional rooms cannot be built over face-down cards.

The Fool: The fool is a special Hero card (but still counts as an "Ordinary Hero") that is drawn to the character with the fewest Souls.

Heal: If an effect allows you to "heal" a Wound, you may flip over one face-up Hero in your scorekeeping area. Instead of counting its Would value, you now count its Soul value.

Kill: Some effects trigger when a Hero is killed in a particular room. The room in which a Hero is reduced to zero Health is the room in which it is killed. (Also see "Dead" above).

XP: A Boss card's XP ("experience point") value determines which player gets to go first in the game. In any situation where priority is unclear, priority is given to the player whose Boss has the highest XP value.

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