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  • 4 bean balls (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 4 toss rings (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 4 wrist trackers (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 1 12-sided Boochie Ball
  • 1 vinyl travel bag
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Score points over a number of rounds by landing your bean ball and toss ring as close as possible to the 12-sided Boochie Ball.

Earn bonus points depending on the side of the ball that faces up. The first player to score 11 or more points wins.


Give each player the same colored bean ball, toss ring, and wrist tracker. (For example, one player gets the red bean ball, the red toss ring, and the red wrist tracker).

Attach your wrist tracker to the wrist of your non-throwing hand and make sure it is set to zero.

The player with the cleanest shoes takes the 12-sided Boochie Ball and tosses it to a distance about 12 feet away (farther for more advanced players or outdoor play).

Make sure that the ball comes to a complete stop before continuing.

Note: You may not approach the Boochie Ball until the round ends.

Game Play

Establish an invisible throwing line near the spot where the Boochie Ball was tossed.

Taking turns, stand at the throwing line and toss one of your objects so that it lands as close as possible to the Boochie Ball. (It's ok if it touches or moves the ball). You may throw either your toss ring or bean ball first.

Once all players have thrown one object, repeat the process with your second object.

After everyone has thrown both objects, walk up to the Boochie Ball. Don't move anything yet. The round is now over, and it's time to count the scores.


  • The player with the closest object to the Boochie Ball scores 2 points.

  • The player with the second-closest object scores 1 point.

Bonus Points

  • Look down at the Boochie Ball and read aloud the rule printed on the side facing up. Add in the featured bonus point(s) if your object(s) meet(s) the requirements.

    For example, if the Boochie Ball reads: "+2 ball furthest away" - the player whose ball is furthest from the Boochie Ball, would receive 2 bonus points.

  • Score 1 bonus point if your toss ring lands around another player's ball (not your own). The ball must be inside your toss ring at the end of the round.

  • Score 3 bonus points if your toss ring lands around the Boochie Ball.

Advance your wrist tracker by the number of points you scored in the round.

Scoring Notes

  • In case of close calls, have one player measure distance by walking heel-to-toe from each object and counting steps.

  • On the rare chance that the Boochie Ball lands without indicating a clear side up, no bonus points are awarded for that round

Scoring Example:

In this scenario, Red scores 2 points for being closest (red ball), Green scores 1 point for second closest (green ring), and Blue scores 2 points for having the ball furthest from the Boochie Ball (as shown on the side facing up).

Starting a New Round

  • Collect your bean ball and toss ring.

  • If you advanced your wrist tracker, read aloud the new throwing challenge that appears in the wrist tracker window.

    You must obey this rule for the next round and/or until you advance your wrist tracker again.

  • The player who scored the most points in the last round picks up the Boochie Ball and tosses it to a new target distance.

  • The next round starts with the player who went second in the previous round, with the other players following in order.

End of the Game

There are two ways to win at Boochie:

  • At the end of any round where you have 11 or more points, you are the winner! (A round is always finished and ALL points counted before a winner is declared).

    If more than one player has 11 or more points, the winner is the player with the most points. If it is a tie, reset all wrist trackers to zero and immediately play again!

  • If you are lucky enough to land your toss ring around the Boochie Ball in a round when the side facing up reads "Instant win if your hoop lands around this ball", you automatically win!

    Reset all wrist trackers to zero and start a new round.

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