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Variant: Three New Types of Beans

(for 3-7 player games)

Components & Setup

Add the Cocoa, Wax, and Coffee Beans to your game.

Depending on the number of players, you will need to remove certain types of beans from the game. The number of available bean fields also depends on the number of players.

Beans in Play

Based on the number of players, remove the following types of beans and put the cards back in the box:

  • three players: Cocoa Beans
  • four/five players: Coffee Beans
  • six/seven players: Cocoa and Garden Beans

Number of Bean Fields

If there are three players, turn over your bean field mats so the side with three bean fields shows.

If there are four to seven players, use the side of the bean field mats showing two bean fields.

Game Play

Play the game just like regular Bohnanza: Each player starts with five cards in their hands; On your turn, play through the usual four phases. Only the rules for phase 4, "Drawing bean cards", and the end of the game change when you play with extra types of beans.

Phase 4: Draw Bean Cards

Unlike in the base game, every player draws one card from the draw pile, adding them to their hands behind the last card. Start with the active player and draw cards in a clockwise direction.

End of the Game

If there are three players, the game ends when the draw pile runs out for the second time. If there are four or more players, the game ends when the draw pile runs out for the third time, as usual.

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