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  • plastic fishbowl bottom
  • plastic fishbowl top
  • base
  • floor
  • blowfish on stand
  • 28 plastic treasures
  • Instructions

Important: Handle your blowfish with care.

Object of the Game

Reach inside the fishbowl and grab the treasure. But watch out! If the blowfish inflates, you're out! Be the only player not to make the fish inflate to win!


  1. Attach fishbowl bottom

  2. Press floor

    Release: Pops up, fits loosely

  3. Push hard on fish. Loud click!

    Release Pops up, infllates briefly

  4. Attach fishbowl top

  5. Drop in all treasure.

  6. Push fish! Click!

    Release: Pops up, does not inflate

Game Play

The player who can puff out their cheeks the most goes first. Play continues to the left.

On your turn:

Carefully remove one piece of treasure from the fishbowl. If the blowfish does not inflate, you're safe, and it's the next player's turn.

Did the Fish Inflate?

    • You're out!

    • Let the fish deflate

  1. Everyone, drop ALL treasure back into the bowl.

    • Push fish Click!
    • Release Pops up, does not inflate
    • Remaining players continue!

End of the Game

If you're the only player not to make the fish inflate, you win!

Advanced Play

The player who inflates the fish is out. The remaining players count up their treasure. Gems are worth 3 points, keys are worth 2 points, and coins and rings are each worth 1 point. The player with the most points wins!

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