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  • 60 Symbol Cards
  • Quick Play Rules

Object of the Game

Be the first player out of cards.


Shuffle the cards and deal them, face down, to form two equal draw piles. Place one draw pile in front of each player.

Place the top card from each draw pile, face down, between the players. These cards should be placed next to each other so they are accessible to both players.

Each player takes the top three cards from his or her draw pile to form a hand. Players may look at the cards in their hand.

Game Play

  1. Players simultaneously turn over the cards that they placed in the center of the table, and the game begins.

  2. Without taking turns, players race to play cards from their hand, face up, on either of the center piles. To play a card, it must match at least one characteristic (color, shape, or count) of the card on which it is played.

  3. As cards are played, players refill their hand by taking cards from their own draw pile. Players may have up to three cards in their hand at any time.

  4. The game continues until one of the players is completely out of cards from his or her hand and draw pile.

End of the Game

The first player completely out of cards wins BLINK.

For example, a card with four yellow stars could be played on any card with yellow symbols (color), or on a card with any number of stars (shape), or on a card with four symbols of any kind (count).


  1. A player may not play more than one card at a time.

  2. On the rare occasion when neither player can match either of the top cards on the two center piles, play is paused and -

    • if both players have cards left in their draw piles, each player takes the top card from his or her draw pile, places it face up on one of the center piles, and play resumes.

    • if one, or both, of the players has depleted his or her draw pile, each player picks one card from his or her hand, and simultaneously places them face up on one of the center piles, and play resumes.

    • if each player has only one card left, the game ends in a tie.

  3. 3. Because BUNK is the world's fastest game, many players prefer to play a best-of-three or best-of-five match to determine the winner.

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