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Character Cards

The Character cards change the basic rules of the game. They are intented to allow the players an additional level of roleplay within the game, and can also be used as a help or a hindrance in order to level the skills of players themselves.

This is represented on the Character cards by pipes on the bottom of the cards. The more pipes a card has, the easier that character will make the game.

Additionally, each character card also has a number at the top of the card. This is used to determine player order at the start of the game (Closest to 1 goes first).

In all instances the rules on the Character cards take preference over the basic rules.

  • Inspector Lestrade

    The lean, ferret-like detective has become Holmes' most trusted contact within Scotland Yard. Lestrade has learned much from observing Sherlock's techniques.

  • Inspector Bradstreet

    The tall Bow Street detective known for making assumptions based on false testimony. Bradstreet struggles using documents as evidence.

  • Inspector Gregson

    As Holmes once said, Gregson is the smartest of the Scotland Yarders. The detective is particularly good at eliminating the impossible.

  • Inspector Hopkins

    A promising detective and student of Holmes's deductive methods. Nonetheless, young Hopkins is unreliable when dealing with witnesses.

  • Inspector Baynes

    The stout Surrey detective is often too easily convinced of the guilt of a suspect. Holmes is most pleasantly surprised when he confirms the right lead.

  • Inspector Jones

    Tenacious as a lobster, Athelney Jones will bumble into a crime scene and arrest an entire household if he has to. Sadly, the Scotland Yarder often misses obvious tracks.

  • Inspector Forrester

    A smart, keen-faced fellow, Forrester is nonetheless prone to missing key information that Holmes naturally spots from physical clues.

  • Lady Hilda Hope

    Daughter of a Duke and wife of an important politician, Lady Hilda knows how to handle herself in society. Intriguingly, she also seems to know a lot about the case.

  • Inspector Martin

    The Norfolk Constabulary detective is a dapper man with a quick, alert manner. Unfortunately, Martin is also totally overwhelmed by Holmes' deductions.

  • Irene Adler

    To Holmes she is always the woman and she uses this as an ace up her sleeve. She might not be so easily trusted by Scotland Yard, though.

  • Sir Henry Baskerville

    The small, alert, gentleman is fast becoming worn-out and shell-shocked by recent events. He will help in any way possible to draw the case to a conclusion.

  • Mary Morstan

    The future Mrs. Watson was a key witness in an early case. Being both comely and courteous, Mary is able to easily influence those around her.

  • Langdale Pike

    The celebrated gossipmonger can provide key information from unnamed sources. His rumors often have those around him seeing things differently.

  • Lady Eva Blackwell

    The debutante, compromised by a blackmailer, seizes an opportunity and takes the law into her own hands.

  • Wiggins

    Head of the Baker Street Irregulars, the young urchin is often dispatched to tail suspects. His help can be invaluable in following new leads without wasting time and effort.

  • Mrs Hudson

    The long-suffering landlady of 221B Baker Street, Mrs Hudson can be relied upon to tidy up the piles of papers and evidence gathering dust.

  • Helen Stoner

    Living in fear after the death of her sister, Miss Stoner will help in any way possible to get to the bottom of the case.

  • Toby

    Half spaniel, half lurcher with a clumsy, wobbling gait, Toby the dog can be trusted to sniff out the most useful evidence and bury less important information.

Bonus Cards

Once you are familiar with the game, shuffle the 2 bonus Character cards with the other characters. When determining player order, cards prefixed by "EX" come after cards numbered 1-18.

  • Dr. John Watson (Ex 1)

    A humble and steadfastly loyal colleague and friend of Holmes, who sees but does not always observe.

  • Mycroft Holmes (Ex 2)

    The most indispensable man in the government, Mycroft possesses deductive powers that exceed even his younger brother's.

  • James Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime

    Holmes' arch-nemesis returns, stronger than before.

    During setup, if you choose to play with this card, it is the only one placed in the Lead Suspect pile. This Lead Suspect provides a different way to play, allowing players to play any combination of Evidence cards against him. Since he is the only Lead Suspect card, players cannot pursue a new Lead Suspect.

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