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Object of the Game

Be the first player to reach 8 points. A set of 4 treasures (1 of each color ) is worth 6 points . Individual treasures are worth 1 point.

Game Play

Treasures left on a player's base can NOW be stolen by other players if they reach the player's dock! If a player completes a set of treasures, the 4 colored treasures are removed from the base and placed beside the player. This set cannot be stolen by other players.

When reaching an opponent's base, the active player can steal up to two treasures of different colors.

Any treasures that fly off the board or land on an obstacle are removed from the game.

Note: At the end of their turn, players remove their boat from the board to allow other players to steal treasures from their base.

End of the Game

The end of the game can be triggered in two ways:

  • When a player reaches 8 points.

  • When there are less than 6 treasures remaining on the center island.

All remaining players finish their turn before the a scoring phase. If there is a tie, the player with the highest number of treasure sets wins. If the tie remains, all tied players win.

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