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United Kingdom: some years ago: in a humid basement, a pop band rehearses their songs ow and over. The musicians are so busy that they are using a small sideboard, so they won't have to take a break and go out to eat.

But when night falls, some beat beetles sneak out from the cracks in the walls to attack the food... if the drummer doesn't come in and squash them!


  • 91 Food tiles
  • 5 Safety tiles
  • 4 Light Bulb tiles
  • 21 Taste cards
  • 6 Spotted cards
  • 1 Greedy card
  • 1 Bag
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You are a funny little musician-beetle: Your goal is to grab as many leftover foods as you can, but only the ones you like.

But beware! When the light switches on, only a quick eye and hand will allow you to get to safety!


Separate the safety counters from the other tiles. Put one less safety counter than the number of players on the table and put the rest back in the box.

Example: in a 5-player game, use only 4 safety tiles.

Put all the other tiles on the table with the "fridge" side up. Mix the tiles completely without flipping them over or scattering them too far apart.

Don't worry if the tiles overlap each other. Place the "Greedy!" card to the side. Shuffle the six "Spotted!" cards and place them face down on the table.

Deal 1 random Taste card face down to each player.

Game Play

You do not play this game in turns! You all play at the same time! You play the game over three rounds.

First Round

The owner of the game says, "Go!" You look at your taste card, memorize it, and put it back face down. You cannot examine your taste card again until the end of the game!

Now you must frantically look for your favorite foods on the tiles. But you may only use one hand! You may only look at 1 tile at a time. Flip over a tile, and decide if you (think you) like the food shown, take the tile and put it in front of you face down.

If you don't like the flipped tile, turn it back face down and return it to the center of the table. Once you take a tile, you cannot return it, and the other players cannot touch it!

If you flip over a Light Bulb, you must say out loud: "light!" If you don't realize you flipped a light bulb, then another player may yell out instead. The player who says "light!" takes the light bulb tile and puts it in front of him.

Now all players must find a "Safety" tile (a tile showing a fridge on both sides) as quickly as they can. When you find a "Safety" tile, place it in front of you and say out loud, "safe!"

You may not flip any more tiles. Since there are fewer "Safety" tiles than the number of players, one player will be stuck without a "Safety" tile! That player must draw a random "Spotted!" card and place it near to his food pile. Now the round is over.

Following Rounds

All of the "Safety" tiles are put back in the middle of the table. Keep your other tiles in front of you. The tiles in the middle of the table are all turned facedown and shuffled again.

The next round begins and is played just like the previous round.

Important: you may not look at your Taste card again!

End of the Game

The game ends after three rounds. Now each player totals his score:

  • each light bulb tile = 2 points;

  • each favorite food tile = 1 or 2 points (as shown on the Taste card);

  • each hated food tile = -2 points;

  • each other food tile = -1 point;

  • each "Spotted!" card = -2, -3 or -4 points;

  • the "Greedy!" card: the player who has the most tiles in front of him gets indigestion and must take the "Greedy!" card. This card is worth -4 points! If there is a tie for most tiles, then no one takes the "Greedy!" card.

The player with the most points wins!


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