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  • 1 motorized be
  • 4 tongs
  • 48 bug playing pieces
  • 1 label sheet
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Have the most captured bugs at the end of the game.


  1. Peel off the name-of-game label from the label sheet and attach it to the foot of the bed, as shown on the back of the package.

  2. Insert Playing Surface Into Bed Frame: first, be sure that the two battery wires are lying inside the plastic channels of the bed frame; then insert the tabs of the cardboard playing surface into the slots of the bed frame, as shown:

  3. Two "C" cell batteries are needed to power the motor. Alkaline batteries are recommended for the best performance. Insert batteries, as shown:

  4. Once the batteries are inserted, cover them with the battery lid by inserting the two tabs of the lid into the two slots of the bed, as shown

    Note: the motor will not function if the batteries are inserted incorrectly-for example, with both battery tops facing each other; or both battery bottoms facing each other.

    Test the motor by sliding the ON/OFF switch to ON. If the motor runs successfully, slide the switch to OFF; if the motor does not operate, recheck the batteries.

  5. Put all 48 bugs on top of the bed playing surface.

  6. Give each player a pair of tongs.

Game Play

The youngest player slides the ON/OFF switch to ON and shouts out one color-either red, blue, yellow or green.

As the bed shakes, all players use their tongs to pick up bugs of the announced color. Players hunt and capture all at the same time, so the play is fast and frantic. Players put their captured bugs in piles in front of them.

When all the bugs of the announced color are no longer on the bed, any uncaptured bugs (ones that jumped off the bed) or wrongly captured bugs (ones not of the announced color) are quickly tossed back onto the bed.

Frantically, the player to the left of the youngest player now shouts out a color and again all players try to capture bugs of that color.

Hunt and capture, as above, until all of the bugs, have been captured. The announcing of the next color-to-be-captured always passes to the player on the left and it only occurs after uncaptured bugs or wrongly-captured bugs are returned to the playing surface.

Important: During play, if the bedbugs do not jump up and down, the bed's cardboard playing surface may have to be flexed.

To do so, place your fingers on the underside of the bed frame and gently pop out the playing surface board.

Then bend it (printed side up), so its sides are higher than its middle section

If the bedbugs are too active and are jumping out of the bed, then flex the cardboard playing surface in the opposite direction so its middle section is higher than its sides. Reinsert it by inserting its tabs into the bed's slots.

End of the Game

Count up your captured bugs. Each player does the same. Whoever has captured the most bugs wins the game!

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