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  • 101 Question Cards
  • 32 Parent Wild Cards
  • 32 Kid Wild Cards
  • 4 Mover Pieces
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Player Guide

Object of the Game

See how well you know the other generation through a series of fun questions.The first team to get both mover pieces across the board wins the game.


Parents and kids play as teams and sit on opposite sides of the board. Separate and shuffle the three decks of cards.Teams place their mover pieces on their starting positions.

Game Play

Kids go first. The parents draw a question card and read out the first kids' question.

If the kids answer correctly, they move forward one space and the parents ask the next question from the card. If they do not answer correctly, they do not move ahead and their turn is over.

By correctly answering all three questions on a card, teams may move ahead up to three spaces on each turn.

The card is returned to the bottom of the pile, and it is now the parents' turn.


If you land on the same space as the opposition, you bump their mover back two spaces.


Teams may only move one mover piece forward per turn. For instance, if a team answers the second and third question correctly, they must move the same mover piece forward.

Teams may not move backwards unless instructed by a Wild Card, or they are bumped by the opposition.

Once your mover piece reaches the other side of the board, your turn is over.

Wild Cards

When you land on one of your own Wild Card spaces, you pick up a Wild Card, immediately follow the instructions and continue your turn.

When you land on one of the opposition's Wild Card spaces, you only draw a

Wild Card if it is the end of your turn.

For instance, if the parents land on a kids' Wild Card space and answer their question incorrectly, they must pick up a Wild Card and follow the instructions.

Cards Guide

Question Cards

Parents ask the kids questions about grown-up topics and kids ask parents about kids' stuff.

Parents Wild Cards

Parents pick these up as soon as they land on any of their own Wild Card spaces. Kids pick these cards up only if they end their turn on a parents' Wild Card space.

Kids Wild Cards

Kids pick these up as soon as they land on a kids' Wild Card space. Parents only pick them up if they end their turn on the kids' Wild Card space.

End of the Game

The first team to get both mover pieces across the board wins the game!

Short Game

For a shorter game play with only one mover piece per team.

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