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Rivaling sheep herds are battling it out to control the most space of Farmer Pat's pastures. Watch out for sneaky sheep and plan your moves carefully to advance your herd and fence out the foe. Conquer the most pastures to win this fast-moving strategy game. Remember, the grass is always greener for strategic sheep!


  • 16 Pasture Boards (Each hexagon represents one pasture)
  • 64 Sheep Tokens (16 of each color)


  1. Each player takes 16 sheep tokens of the same color and stacks them all into one sheep stack.

  2. Each player takes 4 pasture boards.

    Note: If there are less than 4 players, you will not use all the pasture boards included in the game box.

  3. Players take turns arranging their pasture boards together to create the playing field.

    All boards should be connected by at least one side.

  4. Starting with the youngest player and moving clockwise, each player places their starting sheep stack on one of the pastures on the outside perimeter of the playing field. Each player should start on their own pasture board to spread out the stacks.

Object of the Game

Move your sheep to claim the biggest portion of the playing field by blocking your opponents from moving in!

Game Play

The youngest player starts, then play passes clockwise.

On your turn, you must:

  1. Split one of your sheep stacks into two stacks (you choose how many sheep go into each stack, but both stacks must contain at least one sheep).

  2. Leave your original stack where it is and move your entire new stack as far as it can go in a straight line until you either:

    1. reach another sheep stack.
    2. cannot go any farther (usually taking you to the perimeter of the field).

Example: The black sheep stack can move to either:

1 one of the pastures on the perimeter of the field.

2 the pasture immediately in front of the blue sheep.

If your sheep stack is blocked on all sides by other sheep, then it is trapped and can no longer be moved.

You are out of the game when you can no longer move any of your sheep.

End of the Game

When all the players can no longer move any of their sheep, the player who occupies the most pastures wins!

in the case of a tie: If two or more players occupy the same number of pastures at the end of the game, the player with the largest herd of sheep (meaning the longest chain of sheep connected by at least one side) wins the game.

Example: The red sheep and the white sheep both occupy 15 pastures. The red sheep occupy 10 connected pastures, whereas the white sheep only occupy 9 connected pastures. Therefore, the red sheep win!

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