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  • One Fancy Box
  • 60 Character Cards
  • 30 Battle Plan Cards
  • 4 Class Cards
  • 4 Health Counters
  • 28 Ration Cards
  • Rulebook


Ever wondered what babies were up to when others are not around? Locked in the never-ending cosmic battle for ultimate baby power of course!

In this deckbuilding strategy card game, you build your army of babies and fight against your friends for the title of the most powerful baby army!

Recruit babies to expand your army of cute, epic, and various creepy looking babies. Whittle down your opponent's health until you are the last one standing.

Each player starts the game with their own personal deck of 10 babies to start their army.

Each player takes turns playing cards from their hand to recruit more babies to their army, attack opponents, and use various card abilities.


Give each player a health counter card, starter deck, and a unique class card. Each starter deck contains 7 miner babies and 3 other starter cards from your class. All of the starting deck cards are labeled in the upper right-hand corner of the card.

Each player starts off with 20 health and gets a special ability you can use throughout the game from the Class Card. Place the class card over the health counter. As you lose health, slide the class card down the health counter cards to keep track of your current health.

Set aside any leftover starter cards from the game (with a 4 player game there will be no leftovers). Divide the rest of the cards into 4 separate decks to be placed in the center of the playing area: Battle Plans Deck, Character Deck, and two Ration Decks.

Shuffle and place the Battle Plans face down in the center play area. Flip over 5 Battle Plans in a row to the left of the deck. Then take the Character deck, consisting of the 4 classes of babies (Special, Warrior, Villain, Ugly), shuffle, and place it in the center playing area below the Battle Plans Deck.

Flip over 5 cards from the character deck in a row next to the deck. The Ration Cards are separated into 2 face-up decks, one deck consisting of Princess Babies, and the other deck of King Babies.

This area set up is known as the Card Market. Where babies and Battle Plans can be acquired with rations. Rations are the currency of the game and are identified as a baby bottle.

Place your personal starter deck on your right-hand side, face down. Shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards to yourself.

To your left-hand side is where you discard your used or defeated babies from your army. Whenever you run out of cards to draw from your personal deck, take your discard pile, shuffle it, and place it to the right of you as your new deck.

This is how the babies you recruit will stay in your army for the rest of the game.


Attack: Deals damage to opponents.

Defense: Block from opponent attacks.

Rations: Currency of the game used to acquire cards.

Health: Restores health to the health counter card.

Action Phase

This is the main phase of the game where you use the cards in your hand to perform various abilities, and attack opponents. During your turn, you can decide whether to play a card from your hand, keep it in your hand for the next turn, or discard it.

The actions listed below can be done in any order. If an ability cannot be used, you can still decide to play that turn to receive any bonus effects from Class abilities or card combos (Ex. In your starting deck,

Pyro Baby can be played to defeat a passive baby with one defense. If there are no such babies in play, then you may still play Pyro Baby).

Refresh the Card Market

At any point during your turn, you may use two rations to replace all of the current cards in one of the rows in the card market, revealing all new cards.


Cards can be acquired on your turn from the Card Market. The currency of the game, Rations, look like little baby bottles. These icons appear either in the top right corner of the card or on the lower part player is allowed to spend on recruiting more babies or acquiring more battle plans for that turn.

The baby bottle symbol in the top right corner of the card indicates the card's cost with the number.

There is no limit to the number of cards you can buy per turn, and each time a card is bought, the next card from the top of the respective deck is flipped over in its place (with exception to the Princess and King baby decks).

When a Character Card is purchased, the card is placed directly into your discard pile. When a Battle Plan is purchased it is placed next to your deck in a separate pile.

Retire Starter Babies

All cards from your starting deck have a red trash can symbol. This symbol means that instead of playing the card, you can take the card completely out of your baby army by removing it from the game.

Activate Passive Abilities

Some Passive bab ies have special abilities that activate during certain points in the game. During your turn, you may have the opportunity to use the ability of a passive baby. (Example: Deal one damage when you play a Battle Plan).

If during your turn, you play a Battle Plan, the Passive Baby then deals another damage for your attack that turn. Some Passive baby abilities can affect another player's turn (Example: Opponents BattlePlans cost one more Ration.


One effect from a Baby or a Battle Plan could be to heal yourself. When healing, slide up your heart tracker the number of health points being restored. You cannot exceed the starting amount.


During your turn, certain babies and Battle Plans deal damage. When a player is attacking, the player being attacked will also have the choice to defend from the attack.

  1. When dealing with damage you must play all cards you are wanting to use to deal damage and then declare where you are directing that damage.

    When playing with more than two players, you may split up your damage that turn between players.

    (If you had a baby with 2 damage, and then one 3 damage battle plan, you may deal 2 of that damage to one player and 3 to another player). Damage can only be dealt directly to players, not to Passive Babies in play.

  2. This part of the attack sequence is where opponents have the opportunity to defend using their Passive Babies or Battle Plans to block the damage you are dealing.

    Each shield icon on the passive cards resemble one defense. One defense can block any one attack damage from an opponent. Once you defend ANY amount of damage with a baby, that baby is then discarded (into your personal discard pile).

If you are being attacked with multiple attack damage, you can split the defense among multiple passive babies. (Example: your opponent is dealing a total of 4 damage to you, you can use a 3 defense baby and a 1 defense baby to defend all of the damage; both babies are then discarded).

If you are being attacked and have some but an insufficient amount of defense you may still defend. You would then discard that Baby or Battle Plan you defended with and take the remaining damage.

If you are attacked you can decide not to defend with any of your babies in play in order to preserve them for later turns. Any time you are attacked and do not defend, you must lower your Health Tracker Card that same value.

Clean Up Phase

Place all Active Babies played that turn into your personal discard pile. Any Passive Babies played during your turn are left out in front of you to defend future oncoming attacks.

If you played Battle Plans that turn, make sure to discard them in the discard pile next to the Battle Plan deck in the Card Market. If you did not play some cards in your hand, you may then decide whether to keep them for next turn or discard them.

The last step in a player's turn is to draw up to 5 cards in their hand to plan their strategy for the next turn.

End of the Game

You lose the game when your health reaches zero, meaning your baby army is defeated and you must now cry about it like a baby.

You win the game when your baby army is the last one standing. When all opponents are eliminated from the game, you emerge victorious and start your baby tyranny! Until the next battle.

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