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Who can call a bluf if a skip or reverse card is used?

The player that used the Skip or Reverse card does not decide if the previous player was bluffing. The next player to roll the dice must either accept the score or call a bluff.

Can I play a reverse or skip during another player's turn?

No, it must be your turn. A Skip or Reverse is only used to avoid having to roll or call a bluff.

Can we play with more than 8 players?

Yes! There is no limit but you may run out of strike cards. If you do, just keep track on a piece of paper.

Do I automatically get a strike if the player before me rolls jackpot?

No, you can use a My Bad or Fresh Start card to reset the score to zero (0). You can also use a Skip or Reverse card. If you do not have a card, you can roll the dice and nope to tie, in which case the dice would pass to the next player as usual.

Can I use an up/down card to change a de to 7 or wrap from 1 to 6?

No, the change up or down can only change to the next sequential number between 1-6.

Can I stack 2 up/down action cards on my turn?

No, you cannot play more than one Up/Down action card on your turn.

What do we do if we run out of action cards during the game?

Just shuffle the discard pile to create a new draw pile.

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