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Chart One

  1. Advanced Artillery

    Each artillery unit can now support two infantry per attack.

  2. Rockets

    Anti-aircraft guns have now rocket launchers and can make a signle rocket attack against an enemy industrial complex within 3 spaces during the Conduct Combat Phase.

    This attack does 1d6 damage.

  3. Paratroopers

    Each bomber can transport one infantry in the first hostile territory.

    The infantry unit may retreat to a friendly adjacent space.

  4. Increased Factory Production

    Each of your industrial complexes can produce now 2 additional units beyond its listed IPC value.

    When repairing a damaged industrial complex, you can remove two damage markers for the cost of 1 IPC.

  5. War Bonds

    During your Collect Icome Phase, roll 1d6 and collect that many additional IPC's.

  6. Mechanized Infantry

    Each infantry matched up with a tank can move two spaces along with the tank.

Chart Two

  1. Super Submarines

    The attack of your submarines is now 3 instead of 2 while the defense value remains 1.

  2. Jet Fighters

    The attack value of your fighters is now 4 instead of 3.

  3. Improved Shipyards

    Your sea units are now cheaper

    • Battleship: 17
    • Aircraft carrier: 11
    • Cruiser: 10
    • Destroyer: 7
    • Transport: 6
    • Submarine: 5
  4. Radar

    Your antiaircraft gun fire hits now on 1 or 2 instead of just a 1.

  5. Long-Range Aircraft

    Your fighter's range increases from 4 to 6.

    Your bombers's range increases from 6 to 8.

  6. Heavy Bombers

    Your bombers are now heavy bombers. You can roll now two dice for each bomber when you attack or make a strategic bombing raid.

    On defense, your bombers still roll one die.

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