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  • Scoring Pad (150 sheets)
  • 6 Farm Cards
  • 42 Road Cards (with 22 yellow scoring cards)
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Players draw roads on their sheets, trying to connect grapes to farms and castles.

At the end of each round, a farm is scored - as long as it is connected to more grapes than the previous farm.

All farms that are not scored cost you points in the end. The player with the most points after 5 rounds, wins the game.


Deal one sheet and a pen to each player.

The oldest player is the Caller. This player shuffles the road cards and farm cards separately and places them in two face-down decks on the table.

Game Play

The Caller begins the round by taking the top FARM CARD from the deck and placing it face up on the table.

This farm will be scored at the end of this round. Each player writes the farm's letter in the topmost available yellow box at the right side of their sheet. Then the card is discarded.

Example: In the first round, farm card D is drawn.

The caller now takes the top card from the deck of ROAD CARDS, places it face up in the middle of the table, and announces the number shown. Each number corresponds to a certain road segment, as shown on the card and on the reference table on the player sheets.

Now, each player must EITHER draw this road on their sheet OR look at the next farm card (see below). All players choose and carry out their chosen action simultaneously.

When all players are done, a new road card is drawn. Again, the players must decide whether to draw the road or look at the top farm card in the deck. This is repeated until the round ends.

Drawing road: You must draw the road segment in a vacant space on your sheet. The road must be drawn exactly as shown on the card/ reference table - it may not be rotated. It is legal to make dead ends or to let roads connect to the edge of the sheet.

Example: The road must be drawn in the exact orientation as shown on the card - it cannot be rotated.

Looking at the next farm card: If you chose this action, secretly look at the topmost card in the deck of FARM CARDS. Then return it to the top of the deck. Note: You can only do this once per round. More than one player can do this in the same turn.


After the 4th yellow card is placed on the table, and players have completed their turn, the next farm is scored.

Example: The 4th yellow card triggers a scoring.

All players now score the farm that was revealed at the beginning of this round. When scoring a farm, count all grapes (of any color) connected by a road (in both directions) to this farm. Write that number in the scoring box in the right column on your sheet.

Example: Farm D is connected to 5 grapes

Important: The farm that is scored must be connected to more grapes than the previously scored farm (each number in the scoring column must be higher than the one directly above).

If the number of grapes is NOT higher, you must write "0" in the scoring box. This will make you lose points at game end.

Example: Farm A is connected to 5 grapes. Since this is not higher than the previous score (farm F was also connected to 5 grapes), a "0" is written in the scoring box. The next farm to be scored must now only be connected to more than 0 grapes.

Before next round: The Caller takes all used road cards and places them in a discard pile. Start a new round.

End of the Game

After the 5th scoring, the game ends. Note that one farm will not be scored. Players tally their final score as follows:

  • 1 point for each purple grape connected to the purple castle.

  • 1 point for each green grape connected to the green castle.

  • Subtotal (all five farm scores + the two castle scorings)

  • - 5 points for each farm with a score of "0"

The player with the highest final score wins.

In case of a tie, the tied player with the single highest value in any score box wins.


  • For a farm, grape or castle to be considered connected, a road must have been drawn in its space (a road leading to the edge of its space is not enough).

  • If you score 0 for a farm, the next scoring only needs to be at least 1.

  • If you don't manage to score your very first farm (because it's not connected to any grapes), this will also make you lose 5 points at game end.

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