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Follow the Basic Rules, but with the following changes.

After Setup - choose one of the Aspirant Cards and put it in front of you.

Each round you are the starting player, and the Aspirant plays after you.

During the Aspirant's turn, there are 2 to 3 stages. During the 1st, it takes the leftmost card in the Offer Row. The resource cost of the favor Card triggers the Aspirant's abilities. Resolve each gem in the cost separately.

In the 2nd stage, read the text on the Aspirant's card to determine if the Aspirant can keep the taken favor Card or must put it into its Discard Pile face up. If kept, put the card beside the Aspirant Card.

In the 3rd stage, the Aspirant's - kept card - ability may be triggered.

If you or the Aspirant takes a card from the Offer Row, shift the remaining cards to the left and put the replacement card in the rightmost position.

If the favor Deck is empty, shuffle the Aspirant's Discard Pile and use it as the new favor Deck.

Changes in Ability Keywords

If you play Discard, remove a random kept card from the Aspirant and put it into its Discard Pile.

Burn X:

Only used in Solo Play! The player must put X number of cards from their Draw Pile into their Discard Pile. If there are not enough cards available in the Draw Pile, the player loses as many Influence points as the number of cards that could not be put into the Discard Pile.

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