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Attila the Hun was an infamous barbarian warlord, whose army of nomadic horsemen terrorized the people of Europe and Wes- tern Asia for nearly 20 years. His ruthless tactics on the battlefield, earned Attila his reputation as the most feared enemy of the mighty Roman Empire.

And because of his skill and speed on horseback, even when defeated in combat, the Huns were always able to escape with their lives.

Now, in the year 451, on the eve of the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, you will take the reins of Attila's infamous horsemen as they meet the troops of the Roman general Flavius Aetius on the majestic fields outside of modern day Orleans, France.

It is up to you to decide this conflict once and for all. So let fly your flaming arrows and maneu- ver your troops so that your ene- my has nowhere left to run!


  • 6 Knight tokens
  • 14 Scorched Earth tiles
  • 2 small game boards
  • 2 large game boards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Trap your opponent by moving your Knight tokens and placing Scorched Earth tiles, so that he can no longer move any of his Knight tokens.


Construct the playing surface by placing the 4 game boards next to each other, side to side (not corner to corner).

For your first few games, we re- commend you place your game boards so that they make a 4x5 rectangle.

After you've played a few games, you can choose a different set up, like in the examples shown:

The youngest player begins the game as the first player.

Starting with the first player, the players take turns placing one of their Knights on one of the free squares on the game board. Once all six Knight tokens have been added to the board, the game begins.

Note: During set up, you can- not place a Knight such that it would completely trap one of your opponent's Knights. All pieces must have legal moves at the start of the game.

For your first few games (on the 4x5 grid), we recommend you place your tokens in one of the following configurations:

Game Play

On your turn, you must complete the following two mandatory actions, in the order indicated.

1. Move one of your Knights

You must move one of your Knights, in the shape of an "L" composed of three squares (just like Knights move in Chess).


  • 2 squares forward, then 1 square to the side. OR
  • 1 square forward, then 2 squares to the side.

Examples of possible moves:

Knights can travel across any square (occupied or free), but they must always end their move on a free square (that does not contain a Knight token or Scorched Earth tile).

When playing with more advanced board set ups, it is possible for your Knight's move to temporarily take it outside of the game board (traveling over imaginary squares), but it must always finish its move back on a free square on the game board.

If you cannot move any of your Knights on your turn, you lose the game.

2. Place a Scorched Earth tile on any of the free squares on the board

You must place a Scorched Earth tile on any of the empty squares on the game board. This square is now considered occupied and can no longer be used for the rest of this game.

End of the Game

When one player cannot move any of his Knights on his turn, he loses the game.

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