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The Solo game takes around 1 hour.

It works exactly the same as the game for 2 to 4 players, with the following additions:


  • Shuffle the Action cards. For an imaginary opponent, turn over cards until there are exactly 2 Market stalls, 2 Regular customers and 2 Casual customers.

    Fill the Market stalls with the required vegetables. These cards give the Market woman, Trader, Deliveryman and Tout an opportunity for interaction.

    Any additional cards that are turned over are placed in the Discard pile.

  • Before the Solo player sows his Home field, 12 Action cards are turned over, and placed in a grid of 4 rows and 3 columns. Cards will be bought from this grid during the Card phase.

Card Phase

  • The player may buy up to 2 cards from the grid

  • Cards in the top row are free, cards in the second row cost 1 Cash each, cards in the third and fourth (bottom) row cost 2 Cash each.

  • After choosing, the remaining cards from the second row are placed in the Discard pile. The cards in the top row remain as they are. The remaining cards are moved upwards, with empty spaces filled from below and then from the Draw pile to complete the 4x3 grid.

  • The Discard pile is only shuffled into the Draw pile once during the game: when the first empty field is discarded during the Harvest phase. (It is irrelevant whether it is a Private or a Common field).

Object of the Game

"Good" players reach level 17, "Very good" players reach level 18 and "Masters" reach level 19 on the Path of Prosperity.

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