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  • A player may hold as many cards as they wish.

  • Holy Places are not held in hand. They are kept face up in front of the player who owns them.

  • A player's gold must always be visible. A player may not perform an action that would cost more gold than they currently have.

  • If a player receives wares through the effect of a Person or Animal card, they may decide which wares to place in their market stand and which to return to the supply. This is different from the rules for Ware cards.

  • Should a draw pile be exhausted, its associated discard pile should be shuffled to create a new draw pile.

Additional Details for some Cards

Boatman: If the player wishes to obtain three wares, for example, they must discard 6 cards (1+2+3). The played Boatman card may not count as a iscarded card.

Cape Buffalo: Using the Cape Buffalo, a player can use their own Artifact twice in one turn. Once, as normal, and a second time using the Cape Buffalo.

Dyer: All the goods that the players placed into the supply must be of the same type. All the goods that the player takes from the supply must be of different types, and different from the traded type. For example: The player places 3 Silk into the supply, then takes 1 Fruits, 1 Salt and 1 Tea from the supply; taking 2 Fruits and 1 Tea in return would not be allowed.

Haggler: This card may not be used with Ware cards depicting packages.

Healer: The player may not choose to take the Healer from the discard pile.

Map I Cartographer: The effect of the Holy Place only occurs once. This means: When using the Map, a player may not improve the effectiveness of the chosen Holy Place with their own Holy Place cards. When using the Cartographer, multiple identical Holy Place cards do not improve each other. For example: 2 "Victoria Waterfalls" cards (take 1 gold) give the player 1 gold each for a total of 2 gold.

Nomad: This card may even be used when you have no wares in your market stand.

Shango Figurine: Using the Shango Figurine costs at least 2 actions: 1 action to activate the Shango Figurine and 1 action to draw 3 cards for the first time. If the player chooses not to keep one of these cards, they may spend another action to draw another three cards to choose from (the player does not need to spend another action to activate the Shango Figurine again).

The Cape Buffalo and the Tortoise may not be used with the Shango Figurine.

Tracker: If the player chooses to play the Animal card found by the Tracker, their opponent may not play an Animalist to defend against it.

Tortoise: The owner of the Artifacts used through the Tortoise may not use these Artifacts on their own turn, as Artifact cards are only refreshed to their upright (unused) position at the end of their owning player's turn.

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