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  • Try to cover the tent camps when laying out a building! The more neutral workers you get, the easier you can enclose buildings in one go in order to receive the additional seal.

  • Place your workers so that you trigger a payout! You will then get an additional seal.

  • Do not play building cards whose seal's color is currently the most valuable! Other players could complete the building and get many seals.

  • Use the architect banners in time in order to get new workers! It could make sense to use a banner without executing an evaluation. It is not the number of evaluations, but the right moment that decides the game.

  • Watch out for the end of the game! Workers that you have not yet introduced are worth nothing at the end of the game.

  • Keep an eye on the other players' seals! So you can reduce their value by deliberately placing specific castle pieces.

  • Introduce your own workers so that they are adjacent to several buildings! So they cash in on each payout.

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