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  1. Remove the 2 sets of cards with the O and A symbols in the bottom right comer from the Ocean Character deck and return them to the box (you will be playing only with one remaining set of cards).

  2. Shuffle the King card deck, draw 3 cards, and choose 1 to use. Place the remaining King cards in the box.

    Follow the standard setup rules for the Ocean board (page 6). Then follow the player setup steps only for 1 player (yourself).

  3. Take a set of Trained Mantas and give them to your "virtual rival". You will be competing with the Ichthyanders - a nation that came to the Oceans from the mysterious lands above it.

Game Play

Play the game following the standard rules. However, every time you play the Matrona card, you must place 1 of the Ichthyanders' Mantas on the Goal Track.

You may place it on any Goal Track you wish that does not already have one of the Ichthyanders' Mantas.

End of the Game

Once all of the Ichthyanders' Mantas have been placed on the Goal Tracks, take 1 more turn and then the game ends.

Count your Prosperity Points following the standard procedure. The Ocean Council will award you with a Sea Monster according to your merits:

Prosperity PointsSea Monster
20 or lessThe Blobfish
+21-30The Sea Serpent
+31-40The Leviathan
41 or moreThe Kraken

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