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Q: What happens if I can't make a legal play?

A: You must pass and play nothing. (This usually happens only at the beginning of the game).

Q: After using Zap a Card, am I supposed to have an extra card in my hand?

A: Yes.

Q: With Move a Card, is it OK to leave the card in the same location but in a different orientation?

A: Yes.

Q: Can someone join a game already in progress?

A: Totally! (Well, assuming there are fewer than five players, that is). Aquarius is a game you can arrive to late and still have a chance at winning.

Just pull up a chair, grab an unused Goal and the top 3 cards from the deck, and you're in!

Q: What happens if the deck runs out of cards?

A: If the deck runs out before someone wins, keep playing even though you don't get to draw new cards. Keep taking turns as long as someone has cards left.

If there is no winner when all of the cards have been played, then the player whose number of connected elements is closest to 7 is the winner.

Q: To win, you need 7 panels of your color connected together. Does it need to be one continuous group, or do you win if you have 3 connected in one place and 4 connected in another?

A: It must be one continuous group of 7.

Q: Do they have to be a chain, so you can count a string of 7 without backtracking, or can there be branches?

A: The 7 panels all just have to be touching each other (contiguous). It's okay if it's a branching blob, rather than a single chain. As long as you can travel from one panel to all of the others through the same group, it counts as contiguous.

Q: To make a winning group, do the panels themselves all need to be touching, or does it count if 7 cards with your Element are connected in any way?

A: The panels themselves must all be connected together in one big group. If two cards are next to each other but they don't share an elemental connection, they are not connected.

Q: Suppose on the very first turn of the game, the first player zaps the center card. What happens next? Do we replace it from the deck or does the next player get to play any card they want?

A: Flip the next card as you would at the start of the game.

Q: Do you draw before you play, or after? (If you draw after you play, then it's unfair for the person you Trade Hands with).

A: No, you should draw a card before you play one.

Q: What happens if a single play causes two players to get seven elements at the same time?

A: The winner is the player whose turn made the win happen.

Q: If another player creates a group of seven of my elements, do I win immediately or only at the start of my turn?

A: You win immediately.

Q: With less than 5 players, can I Trade Goals with an unused goals, or must I trade with someone who is already playing?

A: When trading goals, you can trade with an unused one. Take the topmost card from the Goal pile and put yours on the bottom of the stack (assuming there's more than one).

Q: Can you Move a Card to a separate location (its own island) similar to the first card on the table?

A: No. While Move a Card might create some strange holes or even islands, the card being moved must be reconnected to another card.

Q: Is it permissible to look through the discard pile?

A: Yes.

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