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Progress tokens provide their owner a positive benefit, whether during the game or at game's end. A token's type determines when a player can use that benefit. The 3 types of progress tokens are:

  1. This benefit applies for the token's owner for the remainder of the game.

  2. This benefit can be used by the token's owner only once; flip this token face down after using it.

  3. This benefit applies only once for the token's owner during final scoring.

Here are detailed descriptions of each progress token:

Extra Action Points

Each token depicts one action.

Each time the token's owner chooses this action, he receives 2 additional action points for this phase.

Each token depicts two actions.

Each time the token's owner chooses either of the depicted actions, he receives 1 additional action point for this phase.

If the token's owner chooses the "Move Ships" action, he may use this token to gain 8 additional action points for each ship for this phase.

Pirate Actions

The pirates' strength increases by 2 for all other players

If the token's owner cannot fight off the pirates completely, he loses only half of the victory points, rounded up.

Note: The player must still use as many cannons as possible to try to defeat the pirates.

If the token's owner fights off the pirates completely at the end of a game round, he receives 2 gold.

Note: Even if the pirates' strength is 0, the token's owner receives 2 gold.

Planning And Build Actions

During the "Plan" action, the token's owner may take two neutral land- scape tiles instead of one as long as he pays the cost for both tiles.

If the token's owner uses the white action to advance his player order disc, he can disregard the number of action points available and place his player order disc on top of the current first player's disc.

Player Order

The token's owner can treat green cubes as red and red cubes as green when choosing an action for the phase.

Thus, as long as at least one green or red cube is in the action space, the owner can choose the "Plan" action or the "Build" action when choosing an action for the phase.


Once only, the token's owner receives 3 gold.

Once only, the token's owner receives 5 gold.

Each time the token's owner establishes a trading post, he receives 1 gold.

Note: This benefit does not apply to trading posts established before the owner acquired this token.

Each time the token's owner takes gold instead of performing an action, he receives 1 gold for each 2 cubes in the action space (rounded up) instead of 1 gold for each 3 cubes.

Victory Points

Instead of performing an action during a game phase, the token's owner scores as many victory points as the number of cubes in the action space. +Note: This token is useless during final scoring.

During final scoring, the token's owner scores 1 victory point for each of his established trading posts.

During final scoring, the token's owner scores 7 victory points.

During final scoring, the token's owner scores victory points equal to the current level of his gold track.

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