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With this optional module, each player is given secret goals to work toward for extra points.


After normal setup is complete, shuffle all 20 mission cards and deal 3 to each player. Each player chooses 1 to keep, setting it face down beside their action board.

After all players have done this, each player then passes their 2 remaining cards to their neighbors - 1 card to the left and 1 to the right (receiving 2 cards in return as well ). Each player then chooses 1 of those 2 cards to keep. Each unchosen card is then removed from the game.

Exception: In the 2-player game, each player selects 1 of the 3 mission cards they were dealt, then hands 1 of the 2 remaining cards to their opponent. The third card is removed from the game. In this way, each player chooses 1 mission for themselves and 1 for their opponent.

Completing Missions

Your mission cards remain next to your action board, face down, until completed. When you complete a mission, immediately flip it face up and leave it revealed for the rest of the game.

You may look at your face-down mission cards at any time.

During final scoring, each player scores the listed points for each of their mission cards that they completed. Each mission card shows the minimum conditions required for fulfillment, but you can exceed those conditions, of course.

Any goods on orders are not counted for purposes of mission cards that require you to collect goods of a certain type.

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