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  • 600 Questions on 200 Cards
  • 90 Chips
  • 6 Exclusion Cards
  • Game Board
  • 2 Answer Chips
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Know (or guess correctly) how other players will answer questions, and "bet" your Chips wisely to be the last player standing!


Each player chooses a color and takes those Chips. Each player takes one Exclusion Card (red cards). Place the Game Board in the middle of the playing area.

Place the cards in a pile face down so everyone can reach them, as well as the two Answer Chips (true/false chips).

Game Play

  • The naughtiest player goes first (you know who you are). Take a Card and the Answer Chips.

  • The reader chooses one of the three questions from the Card and reads it aloud. Some are naughty, some are not... you pick!

  • The reader then truthfully answers the question by secretly choosing one of the Answer Chips to set face down, as their answer.

  • Now all other players decide how they think the reader answered the question. Place all of your Chips on the True and False sides of the Game Board. You decide how many to put on which side.

    For example, if you're confident how the reader answered, you may put the majority or all of your Chips on one side. If you're not sure, you may want to split your Chips more evenly between the two sides.

    You must place ALL of your Chips on one or both of the sides. "You gotta be All In... get it?

  • After the Chips are placed on the Game Board, the reader reveals the answer by flipping over the Answer Chip. All Chips on the correct side of the Game Board are taken back by players, and all Chips on the incorrect side are now out of play. Hopefully, you bet wisely or guessed well!

Play continues clockwise with players taking turns with questions.

Exclusion Cards

The reader may play an Exclusion Card on any question. The Exclusion Card allows the reader to exclude one player from participating on that question.

The reader may want to use an Exclusion Card if they think a certain player will be able to easily answer their question and possibly influence others (like a partner...or partner in crime!). If a player is excluded, they cannot participate in that round.

End of the Game

When only one player has a Chip(s) left in play, the game ends and that player wins! Woohoo!

Note: If a player is eliminated before the game ends, they may still participate as question readers. 'Cuz it's fun!

Note: If it happens that there is no one winner because two or more players get eliminated at the same time, the READER is the winner!

Semantics, Shmemantics

We don't want you to take all of the statements too literally, guys. "I have peed my pants" could be answered TRUE by pretty much everyone because we all wet ourselves as babies. But you know that's not what we mean!

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