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The game is scored at the end of Round 14. The Summary cards have scoring tables, as does the reverse side of the Major Improvements board. The following categories are scored one after another:


All field tiles that are on the player's farmyard are scored, regardless of whether they are currently fallow or are sown. A player with 0 or 1 fields loses 1 point. Each field after the first scores 1 point, up to a maximum of 4 points for 5 or more fields. Players score -1/1/2/3/4 points for 0-1/2/3/4/5+ fields.


Points are awarded for fenced areas ("Pastures"), not for the number of farmyard spaces that are fenced in ("Pasture spaces"). The size of the individual pastures is irrelevant.

A player with no pastures loses 1 point. Each pasture scores 1 point, up to a maximum of 4 points for 4 or more pastures. Players score -1/1/2/3/4 points for 0/1/2/3/4+ pastures.

Grain and Vegetables

All of a player's Grain and Vegetables are scored - whether it is in the fields or in the player's supply. A player with no Grain loses 1 point. After that, players score 1/2/3/4 points for 1/4/6/8+ Grain. A player with no Vegetables loses 1 point. After that, players score 1 point per Vegetable up to a maximum of 4 points.


A player loses a point for having no animals of a particular type. Players score -1/1/2/3/4 points for 0/1/4/6/8+ Sheep; -1/1/2/3/4 points for 0/1/3/5/7+ Wild boar; and -1/1/2/3/4 points for 0/1/2/4/6+ Cattle.

Unused farmyard spaces

No additional points are awarded for using farmyard spaces, but players lose 1 point for each unused farmyard space. Farmyard spaces are counted as "used", if they are fenced in or if they have a room tile, field tile or unfenced stable on them. In other words, "unused" farmyard spaces are empty and unfenced.

Fenced Stables

Each fenced stable earns the player 1 point. No points are given for unfenced stables. Players do not lose points for having no stables. An unfenced stable has the advantage that the player avoids losing a point for having unused farmyard spaces.

Huts, Houses & Family Members

Players earn 1 point for each room in a Clay hut (so a player with 4 Clay rooms earns 4 points), and 2 points for each room in a Stone house (so a player with 4 rooms earns 8 points). Rooms in a Wooden hut do not earn any Victory Points. Players earn 3 points for each Family member, up to a maximum of 15 points (as the number of Family members cannot be greater than 5).

Points for cards

A point value is shown in a yellow circle on the left of the Minor and Major Improvement cards. Players lose 3 points for each Begging Card that they hold at the end of the game.

Bonus points

The text on various Improvement and Occupation cards describes how Bonus points are awarded. Cards which earn Bonus points have a Bonus point symbol at the bottom.

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