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In Adventure Land, King Agamis rules from his castle. Rich cities, vast forests and rugged mountain ranges, the majestic river, and the fog areas dominate the country. The large river is rich with gold, the forests are known for their medicinal herbs and there is an abundance of mines in the mountains, where the best swords, far and wide, are forged.

But many dangers lurk there; the fog areas on both banks of the large river are home to the dangerous fog creatures which attack innocent adventurers.

This has been happening more often lately and King Agamis fears that the fog creatures will soon be a threat to the cities. Therefore he calls upon adventurers from all over to come to Adventure Land to protect the cities, acquire companions and fight the fog creatures.

Before you start playing, decide on one of the three adventure scenarios. Each adventure has different game objectives and therefore conveys a different feel when playing the game.

We recommend starting with Adventure 1 (The Fellowship), the simplest of the three adventures. Adventure 2 (The Magnificent) is a little more challenging and in Adventure 3 (Escape to the Cities) there are many things to pay attention to simultaneously.

May the bravest win!


  • 1 game board
  • 30 city cards
  • 20 forest cards
  • 18 river cards
  • 28 mountain cards
  • 14 fog cards
  • 28 swords
  • 20 herbs
  • 18 gold pieces
  • 14 fog creatures:
  • 30 companions
  • 1 water sprite
  • 40 adventurers
  • 3 dice
  • 4 scoring markers
  • 3 adventure overview cards
  • Instructions


Place the game board in the middle of the table.

Shuffle the following cards and place them face down, each on their own stack, next to the board:

  • Terrain cards
  • Fog creatures
  • Sword tiles
  • Herb tiles

Place the 30 companions and the water sprite next to the game board, place the gold tiles next to them.

Decide which of the three adventures you would like to play in this game:

  1. The Fellowship
  2. The Magnificent
  3. Escape to the Cities

Place the appropriate adventure overview card on the table. At a glance, players can easily see the game objectives while playing.

Each player chooses a color and places the scoring marker of that color on the number 0 on the scoring track. The number of adventurers per player, as well as companions and swords, depends on the number of players.

Before playing, set the specified number of adventurers, companions, and swords according to this table aside and put them back in the box.

Each player places an adventurer in the starting area outside the rows 1, 2, 3, 4 and the columns A, B, C, D. In a two-player game, each player also places an adventurer in the starting area outside row 5 and column E.

Set up for 2 players

Turn over 8 terrain cards and place the respective tiles or companions on the game board (see "1. Turn over 2 terrain cards and placing items on the game board").

Important: For every fog card drawn and placed, another terrain card has to be drawn after the action corresponding to the fog card has been performed.

Create a face-up discard pile from the drawn terrain cards.

Game Play

Take turns in a clockwise direction starting with the youngest player.

Everyone may perform two actions during their turn:

  1. Turn over 2 terrain cards and place items on the game board.
  2. Move adventurer(s).

1. Turn over 2 terrain cards and place items on the game board

The player draws two terrain cards from the deck. The coordinates on the cards indicate which items from the stockpile need to placed on the corresponding game board fields. After the appropriate tile is placed on the board, used cards go to the discard pile.

City: A companion

Forest: The top herb card from the stack,
unseen and face down.

Mountains: The top sword tile from the stack,
face down.

River: A gold tile

Water Sprite Rule

Whenever a gold tile appears on the game board, the water sprite is placed on top of the gold.

If the water sprite is already on the river, pull it along the river to where the new gold appeared.

Attention: All adventurers and their companions on the river passed by the water sprite are immediately removed from the game! Put them back in the box!

Fog: The top fog creature from the stack, face up

Important: After placing the fog creature on its game board field, you need to draw another terrain card from the stack for each uncovered fog creature and place the appropriate tile.

In other words, the fog cards do not count as one of the two terrain cards per turn.

2. Move Adventurer(s)

There are two ways to move adventurer(s):

Either move one adventurer as far in the direction of your choice as you like twice, or two adventurers once each. You may also move only one adventurer one field, or decide not to move at all.

Rules of Movement:

Important: You may move adventurers as far southwards (= down) or eastwards (= right) as possible. But you must not move northwards (= up) or westwards (= left)!

  • Adventurers may leap over other adventurers, companions, and tiles (except fog creatures).

  • You must not leap over fog creatures or the water sprite.

  • If an adventurer moves (with or without companions, see below) onto a field with a tile or a companion, do the following:

    River: Take the piece of gold from the field and place it in front of you.

    Forest, mountain: Check the value of the herb or sword tile, then place it face down in front of you.

    City: The companion joins your adventurer. From now on both characters move together over the game board. An adventurer can have any number of companions.

    Fog: You have to fight a fog creature (see below).

  • An adventurer's move may end on a field with tiles or companions, or on an "empty" field. The move must not end on a field which is already occupied by another adventurer or the water sprite.

    If an adventurer is already sitting on a field on which an item or companion appears, he can immediately add this item to his stockpile, a companion also immediately joins the adventurer.

    If an adventurer is on a field on the river, when a gold tile appears, he receives the gold before he is kicked out of the game by the water sprite.

  • A move must not end on a field with another adventurer or the water sprite.

Combat strength of the fog creature

A battle takes place as soon as an adventurer moves to a field occupied by a fog creature. In order to defeat a fog creature, the adventurer must have at least the same combat strength level as shown on the fog creature tile (red number).

The combat strength level of your adventurer is determined as follows:

Adventurer: Every adventurer has a combat strength level of 1.

companion(s): For each of the adventurer's companions add a combat strength level of 1.

+swords: Before the fight, you decide how many swords you want to use in the battle (up to maximum of 3). For each used sword, you then get one roll of the dice. Add the total amount rolled on the dice to your combat strength level. If your used swords have extra value (blue number), add these numbers as well. Do not touch the dice, if you want to use gold.

= Combat Strength level of the adventurer

If your combat strength level does not match the level of the fog creature yet, you can still win the fight by using herbs and/or gold.

+ herbs: The combat strength level of each herb is on the herb tile (green number). You can use as many herb tiles in a battle as you like. Add the sum to your combat strength level. Contributed herb points exceeding the needed amount for the fight are lost. Herb tiles used, are out of the game.

gold: There are 2 ways, to use gold in a battle:

  1. You gain a combat strength level of 1 for each gold piece which you put back in the stockpile.

  2. You may roll one die for each piece of gold you put back in the stockpile. Important: The new roll of the die replaces the previous result of said die. If you are not happy with the new roll, you may use another piece of gold and roll one die again (and so on).

You do not have to give up any swords in order to win a fight. An adventurer can defeat a fog creature using only its own combat strength level, companions, herbs and/or gold.

Did you win the battle? Take the fog creature from the game board and place it face down in front of you. Your adventurer and his companion(s) remain on the field.

Did you lose the battle? The adventurer, his companion(s), used sword(s), herb(s) and gold are taken out of the game and put back in the box. The fog creature remains on its field.

If you believe the fight cannot be won, you do not have to contribute any herbs or gold.

Important: If a fog creature appears on a field occupied by an adventurer, the battle starts immediately, whether it is his turn or not. After the fight the turn of the player who has uncovered the fog creature continues.

Example: The fog creature to be fought has a combat strength level of 12 (red number). You move one adventurer (combat strength level +1) and its 2 companions (combat strength level +2) to the field of the fog creature.

You contribute two swords, one with an extra value of 2 and the other ofl. You get to roll two dice, which shows 3 and 2 respectively.

As you would lose this fight with your combat level reaching only 11, you use a herb tile worth a combat strength level of 4.

Thus you have reached a combat strength level of 15, and are able to defeat the fog creature. Take the fog creature tile and place it face down in front of you. You don't receive any herbs as "change" for the extra combat strength level of 3 of your herb.

Instead of using a valuable herb tile, you could have reached the combat strength of 12 by giving up a piece of gold, or using a gold tile to roll the die again. If you had then rolled only a 1 or 2 again and didn't have any more gold/herbs, then the battle would have been lost.

If there are no companions left on the table to put them on the game board, take one from the box. If there are no sword tiles left in the stockpile on the table, shuffle the discarded ones in the box face down and draw one.

End of the Game

The game ends when there are no more swords and no more companions in the stockpile. The ongoing round is finished thus ensuring that each player gets the same number of turns.

In the rare event that none of the adventurers can move anymore, the game ends immediately, even if the swords and companions have not all been used yet. If only a few of the players are no longer able to move their adventurers, they keep their victory points but the game continues without them.

The method for adding up victory points and establishing the final score is different for every adventure. You may find the details for each adventure listed on the adventure overview cards.

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