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  • 500 Quotes on 250 Cards
  • 120 Accent Lists
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • Sand Timer
  • Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Do the best accents when reading quotes so your team will guess correctly and score!


It's a team vs. team game, so break into two groups! Shuffle the quotation cards and set them out so everyone can reach them. The Accent Cards, die and timer, too!

Share the Accent Lists so you know which accents you have to choose from when guessing. You'll want to find some paper and a pencil to keep score.

Game Play

Whichever team the owner of this game is on, goes first! Choose a gotta be brave because you'll be the first to do an accent!

Roll the die to determine your play options:

  • Swap

    lf, when you see your accent card, you think, "no way can I do that!", you can swap it ONCE for a new accent.

  • Pass

    You're off the hook if you wanna be! You can choose another teammate to be the speaker. If you pass after reading the quote and/or accent cards, the new speaker has to draw new ones.

  • Play

    There's no way just gotta play!

  • All

    Both teams can guess at the same time, and the first correct answer earns that team points!

The speaker chooses a quotation card and reads the quote in their normal voice.

Now, draw an accent card (don't let anyone else see it!), start the timer, and reread the quote in that accent! Repeat it as many times as you want in the 30 seconds the timer gives you.

Your teammates can shout out their guesses, but if they don't guess correctly before the timer runs out, you get no points.

If they guess correctly, your team earns one point. And now, with no time limit, your team gets one guess at the name of the movie the quote is from, who said it, the year it was released, and/or the director. You get one extra point per right answer.

Note: For "who said it", you only have to know character OR actor (both is not required). And if there are multiple directors, you only have to know one.

If it was ALL PLAY, both teams can guess at the title and year, first correct answers get the points.

Put the used cards at the bottom of the piles. Now the next team gets to go! Take turns with a new speaker each time!

End of the Game

The first team to reach 15 points is the winner! Declare your victory in your favorite accent.. .you've earned it!

Note: Sometimes quotes can be found in multiple movies, such as remakes, etc. Or, maybe two different people said the same line in the same movie... crazy, right?

What we've put on the cards might be only one option, so don't get upset if you are sure you knew the extra point information - if you can look them up and prove different answers, then you can collect the points!

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