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  • Title Cards
  • 12 Color Pens
  • White Board Marker
  • Point Chips (15 pieces each)
  • Drawing Paper
  • Instruction Booklet

Object of the Game

There are 3 roles in this game. The aim of this game is to be the first player to earn 5 points. However the method differs in each role.

Question Master

  • Decide the category and write the title on the title cards.
  • Cannot participate in drawing.
  • Can earn points if the fake artist wins.
  • It's important to choose an easy title in order to help the fake artist.

Fake Artist

  • Must draw without knowing the title.
  • Can earn points if not caught out by the other artists.
  • Or if caught out, the fake artist must state the correct title.
  • Talk the talk : Act like you know the title.


  • Make one mark per turn on the same piece of paper.
  • Can earn points if they guess the identity of the fake artist.
  • Don't reveal the title to the fake artist.

Game Play

  1. Players decide who will be the question master (QM) for the first round.

    The remaining players will be the artists. The Question Master picks up the same number of title cards as artists.

  2. The Question Master must choose a category and announce it to the artists. Then, on the back of the title cards, the QM writes an "X" on one card and a title based on the category on the remaining cards.

    Category examples: Animals, Vehicles, Fruits, etc..

  3. The Question Master shuffles the title cards and places one in front of each artist. Each artist turns over their card but shouldn't reveal the subject. The person who turns over the "X" is the fake artist.

    The Question Master should remember the color of the card with the "X".

  4. Artists then select a color marker. The question master decides who makes the first mark. Moving clockwise each artist makes a mark to create the masterpiece. This continues for two rounds.

  5. After the 2nd round, the QM will count down from 3. The artists must then point to who they believe is the fake artist.

  6. The fake artist must reveal their identity if the fake artist has be pointed to the most. They then must say the correct title of the final artwork in order to earn points.

    The fake artist can only answer once.


Next Round

To begin the next round the person to the left of the Question Master becomes the next Question Master.

The first player to earn 5 points is the winner.

At the end of each round, don't forget to name the masterpiece. To continue to enjoy the fun, fold the title over and quiz your friend :) or tweet it!

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