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  • 50 Cards(100 Categories)
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 160-second timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To come up with the most answers in a given category in 60 seconds beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Game Play

Give each player 1 answer sheet and pen or pencil. One player acts as the Moderator. (Note: Moderator can change from round to round, and may also play in each round)

When everyone is ready, the Moderator flips over the first card in the deck and reads the Yellow or Blue category aloud.

Note: to keep things fair, it is recommended that the moderator choose Yellow or Blue before turning over a card. Conversely, players can decide toplay all Yellow or Blue before the game begins.

Once the category is read aloud, the moderator flips the 60-second timer.

Each player now has 60 seconds to fill in as many answers on his/her score sheet beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

After 60 seconds has elapsed, all players must put down their pencils. Moderator then announces each letter and players reveal their answers.

Common answers cancel each other out. Unique answers score 1 point per.

Example: in the category of THINGS IN A SUPERMARKET, if 3 players have "Apples" for their "A| answer, and 1 player has Avocado", Only the player with Avocado would score a point for that letter.

End of the Game

Record the score on your answer sheet. Player with the highest combined score after 5 cards have been played WINS THE GAME!

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