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Object of the Game

To have more victory points than the virtual player at the end of the game. The virtual player collects points by razing your locations, and building his own locations.

The game end is triggered when either you, or the virtual player reaches 25 points. Complete the action phase of that round, then add the number of locations in each player's State to their total score.


Set up the game normally except that the virtual player does not need a faction board. Put both point markers on the Victory Point track on the space marked "0". Take the first player token for yourself. You deserve it.

The game is played according to the following rules:

Lookout Phase

  1. Reveal the top card of each of the the Connection piles.
  2. Draw the top four cards from the Deck, place them face up on the table.
  3. Choose one of the four cards and add it to your hand.
  4. Shuffle the remaining three and draw a card at random, placing it face up in front of the virtual player.
  5. From the remaining two cards, choose one and add it to your hand.
  6. Put the last remaining card face up in front of the virtual player.
  7. Draw one more card from the Deck and place it in front of the virtual player.

Production Phase

The virtual player doesn't receive Goods during Production. You do though...

Action Phase

You always play first during the Action Phase. You have the first player marker, right?

When you Raze a virtual player's Location, it is discarded. They don't keep the card as a Ruins.

  • On the virtual player's turn, they will claim a connection card if there is one available. It costs them nothing and scores them 2 . Discard the card. If there is more than one connection card for the virtual player to choose from, choose one at random and return the other card back face up onto its pile.

  • Once there are no connection cards left to take in that round, the virtual player will proceed to attack you. Are you ready? This is going to hurt.

  • You will only be attacked a maximum of three times each round. Whether each attack is successful or not, once the virtual player has attacked three times, they will pass on the next turn. Isn't that sweet?

  • Also, once you pass, you cannot be attacked anymore, and the virtual player passes on his next action.

  • To execute the virtual player's attack, reveal one card from the Deck and place it nearby to form an attack pile. Each attack by the virtual player in the round adds another card to this pile, and once it contains 3 cards, the virtual player will pass on their next action. At that point, discard the cards in the attack pile to the discard pile.

  • To carry out the attack on you, compare the Location Types on the revealed attack card with those in your State. If you do not have any matching Location Types, the attack is unsuccessful. You live to see another day.

  • However, if you have a Location that matches at least one Location Type with the attack card, your location is Razed. Give the virtual player two points and you receive the Goods shown in the blue Deal field as normal. Flip your Location face down to become a Ruins... just like normal.

  • What if you have more than one card that matches the location type? It's simple: The location with the most matching types is Razed.

What if there is still a tie? We give you tie breakers! Check them in this order:

  1. The card with the greater Distance
  2. Unused Actions
  3. Used Actions
  4. Features
  5. Productions
  6. Seriously? It's still tied? Okay, fine. check the goods gained by Razing the location. The priority is: The card with the most goods of the highest order is destroyed first. Keep checking this list until you break the tie.
  7. Okay, if you make it here, take a picture and share it with us because we don't believe you. If two locations give exactly the same goods when razed, you can decide which is destroyed. or pick randomly. Chances are they are the same Location anyway. we really don't care which one you lose.

If a card with a is about to be Razed, discard the instead. You got lucky. Discard the card drawn for the attack.

You can interact normally with the virtual player before they pass with the following differences:

  • When you send a to an Open Production location, the Virtual Player gains 1 instead of a @m.

  • When the virtual player Razes your locations, they don't receive goods. He got points, remember?

Cleanup Phase

Execute the Cleanup phase as normal but you keep the first player token. It's your special little power.

End of the Game

The game ends when either you or the virtual player reaches 25 Victory Points on the victory point track. When that happens, complete the Action phase normally and then add 1 to your score for each Location in your State. Do the same for the virtual player.

If you have more points than the virtual player you win! Be honest, you cheated didn't you?

If you have the same or fewer points you lose. Try again mate. Go ahead, I'll wait. If you win, you can compare your score to the following table to see the level of your awesomeness.

Achievement Table

30 >Mutant
70+Grand Master

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