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Choose to play as one of ten Marvel heroes, each with their own strengths and abilities, then join forces with your fellow players to take on six nefarious bosses!

Can your heroes fight their way through hordes of minions, goons and villains and defeat the mighty Thanos?

In 5-Minute Marvel, there are no turns. All players race against the clock to defeat the challenges that each boss throws at you. You're all in it together: either you co-operate as a team to complete the mission, or you are all defeated and must begin again. Good luck!


  • 3 Double-Sided Boss Mats
  • 40 Door Cards
  • 25 Crisis Cards
  • 10 Double-sided Hero Mats
  • 100 Hero Cards
  • 120 Resource Cards
  • Instructions


Select which hero you want to play as. Place the Hero Mat for your chosen hero in front of you so that the side marked INJURED is face-down. Grab the Hero Deck for your hero, shuffle it, and place it face down to the right of your Hero Mat.

Take the stack of Resource Cards, shuffle it, and divide it so that each player gets an equal number of cards. Place your hero's deck of Resource cards face down to the left of your Hero Mat.

Draw a starting hand from your Resource Deck. (Do not draw any cards from your Hero Deck yet-that comes later). The number of cards you draw depends on how many people are playing:

Number of PlayersStarting Hand Size
2 players6 cards
3 players4 cards
4 or 5 players3 cards

Note: During the game, you will always be refilling your hand to this minimum hand size every time you play or discard a card..

Preparing the Mission Deck

  • Place the Boss Mat for the first boss (Green Goblin) in the center of the table.

  • Count out the number of Door Cards indicated on the bottom of the Boss Mat (15 for Green Goblin).

  • Add more Door Cards and Crisis Cards, depending on the number of players and the skill level of your team:

    • Novice heroes: Add 1 Door Card and 1 Crisis Card per player
    • Veteran heroes: Add 2 Door Cards and 2 Crisis Cards per player
  • Shuffle the Door Cards and Crisis Cards together to form the Mission Deck. Place it on top of the Boss Mat so that it covers the boss's symbols.

Start your Mission

You'll need a timer that can be paused and restarted easily. Set the timer to 5 minutes and start it when you turn over the first Door Card in the Mission Deck to begin the mission.

Download the Timer App

For the best 5-Minute Marvel experience, download the free timer app at Available for Android and iOS devices.

Resource + Door Cards

Each Door Card has two or more resource symbols shown on it. The Door Card can be defeated with Resource Cards if the heroes play the matching symbols from their hands. The symbols are:

In addition, each Door Card has a type. Some Hero Cards and Special Abilities can instantly defeat Door Cards of a specific type without having to match the symbols. The types are:

Door Cards represent enemies that need to be defeated in order to reach the Boss. There are three ways to deal with Door Cards:

  1. Matching Symbols

    Heroes can defeat a Door Card by playing Resource Cards to the middle of the table until all the Door Card's symbols have been matched.

    The cards don't all have to come from the same player-multiple players can contribute to defeating a single Door Card.

    If you have a card with more than one symbol on it, you can use EITHER or BOTH symbols against the Door Card you are facing. However, you cannot play a Resource Card if none of its symbols match the symbols on the Door Card.

  2. Using Action Cards

    You can also defeat Door Cards with certain special Action Cards found in your Hero Deck.

    These will say things like "Defeat a Minion" or "Defeat any card with a Jump on it". Simply play these onto the Door.

  3. Use your Special Ability

    All heroes have a Special Ability printed on their Hero Mat that they can use provided they are not Injured. Some heroes can defeat certain types of Door Cards with their ability.

    To use your ability, discard any 3 cards from your hand to the middle of the table and announce your ability to the team.

    You may use your Special Ability as much as you'd like, as long as you have cards to discard. Draw more cards immediately after using your Special Ability.

    Once you have defeated the Door Card using one of the methods above, sweep the defeated card and all cards played to defeat it to one side, then flip over the next card in the Mission Deck.

Crisis Cards

Crisis cards do not need to be defeated the way Door Cards do. Instead , they describe an action that must be performed immediately when they are turned over. Once the team has followed the instructions on the card, sweep it away and flip over the next card in the Mission Deck.

Refilling your Hand

Anytime you have fewer cards in your hand than the minimum hand size, immediately draw new cards to refill your hand.

You may choose whether to draw each new card from your Resource or Hero Deck. Your Hero Deck contains your most powerful cards, but you only have 10 of them, so use them wisely!

Having MORE cards than the minimum hand size is OK-you do not need to discard the extra cards. However, you also will not draw any new cards until your hand size drops below the minimum hand size again.

Injured Heroes

Each hero has a side to their Hero Mat that says "INJURED". Some Crisis Cards may instruct you to flip your mat over or turn it to the injured side.

If your hero becomes injured, you may not use your hero's Special Ability until something allows you to flip it back (Some heroes have Special Abilities or Hero Cards that can do it, or a Crisis Card may instruct you to flip your mat back over).

As a last resort, heroes can choose to injure themselves to defeat any one Door Card by discarding their entire hand and flipping their mat to the injured side.

This will only defeat Door Cards, not Crisis Cards or bosses...though you can still injure yourself when facing a boss just to draw a new hand. Heroes cannot injure themselves if they are already injured or have no cards left to discard.

End of the Game

Once your team has defeated all the cards in the Mission Deck, you must still defeat the boss by matching the symbols printed on the Boss Mat. If you can defeat the boss before time runs out, you have completed the mission and you move on to the next boss

Note: There are no Hero Cards or Special Abilities that can instantly defeat a boss. The only way to defeat them is by matching their symbols.


There are three ways your team of heroes can fail a mission

  • If time runs out before you defeat the boss; or
  • If all players run out of cards; or
  • If your team is unable to defeat a Door Card or boss. If you fail, you must start that Boss' mission over again.

Resetting the Mission Deck

When you need to reset for the next round, gather up all the cards and sort them back into piles (Hero Cards, Resource Cards, Door/Crisis Cards. Shuffle the decks to randomize the cards you'll get next round.

Players are free to switch heroes between missions if they choose. You can also add or remove players between missions, but if you do, don't forget to adjust the number of Door and Crisis Cards that are in the Mission Deck!

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