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  • 600 Buzz Words
  • 2400 4-Bidden Words
  • 8 Penalty Chips
  • Super High-Tech Sand Timer
  • Instructions


Break into 2 teams with an equal number of players on each team (or as close as you can get).

The players on the other team are no longer your friends. They are now your enemies.

Decide which team goes first. The player with the fewest Instagram* followers starts as the team guesser for the first round.

Game Play

  • The non-guessing team flips over the super high-tech sand timer, and the round begins.

  • The guesser grabs a card and holds it on their forehead (without looking at the words).

  • The guesser's teammates now have 60 seconds to give clues to help the guesser guess the Buzz Word correctly.

  • Once the guesser guesses the Buzz Word correctly, they immediately grab another card, and play continues. Keep going until the timer runs out. Keep the cards your team guesses correctly each round. 1 card = 1 point.

  • The clue giver(s) may choose to "pass" if the Buzz Word is too difficult. The guesser discards that card and immediately grabs another card. Play continues as normal.

  • The other team then takes their turn, and play continues as before. Rotate the guesser each time your team has a turn.

  • Clue givers are NOT allowed to say any of the 4-Bidden Words listed below the Buzz Word. When they do, that card is disqualified, and the guesser must immediately discard that card and grab a new one. The round then continues as normal.

Card Breakdown

Penalty Chips

When a clue giver accidentally says one of the 4-Bidden Words, that team must take a Penalty Chip. Each Penalty Chip subtracts 1 point from your team's overall score.

What's 4-bidden

  • No spelling the Buzz Words or giving clues like "It rhymes with 'Betflix'" when describing Netflix?

  • No acting out or gesturing while giving clues. Words only.

  • Don't say any part I variation of any words on the card as a clue (You can't say "Pregnant" when describing the word "Pregnancy Test")

End of the Game

Decide what type of game you're playing:

  • Quick Game: first team to 10 points
  • Normal Game: first team to 25 points
  • Marathon Game: first team to 100 points

At the end of each 60-second round, add the number of cards won and subtract the number of penalty chips received to calculate your team's score.

Ex: 4 Cards Guessed Correctly -1 Penalty Chip = 3 Points

Keep playing until one team's score reaches 10, 25, or 100 points.

Bonus Rules

  • If playing with larger groups of people, instead of having 2 large teams, you can break into multiple smaller teams of just 2-3 players. The same general rules apply for gameplay.

  • We highly recommend creating your own Buzz Word / 4-Bidden Words cards. Get personal!

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