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  • Though play is complete as soon as one player discards all of his/her cards, the game can be continued as the other players discard their remaining cards.

  • 2. You may choose to disregard the rule that "if you have a card in your hand that you can play, you must play". Thus, even if you have a card that can be played, you may choose to draw a card from the draw pile.

  • A "1" card can be used as a "reverse" card, which switches the direction of the game play (i.e., from clockwise to counterclockwise).

  • A point system can be implemented across multiple games to determine the ultimate champion (by adding together the face value of the cards that each player has in his/her hand at the end of each game.

    Note: "Clear", "Clear + 1", and "Clear + 2" cards add 15, 20, and 25 points, respectively, to a player's total). The player with the lowest overall score is the winner.

  • Once the 3UP 3D0WN cards are set up, randomly select players to switch 3UP 3D0WN piles; or, allow players to select cards from their own hand as the 3UP cards for another player.

  • If four of the same-colored cards are played consecutively (without the the discard pile being cleared), the player of the fourth card may choose to substitute one card from his/her playing hand with one card from his/her 3UP pile.

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