Plundering Player Captains

If you defeat a player in Crew Combat (regardless of who initiated the boarding), you may take the player's:

  • Gold on board
  • Glory Cards
  • Cargo Cards
  • Rumor Card
  • Special Weapons
  • Ship (see claiming ships)
  • Specialists

Any employed "Specialists" can be transferred to your ship at no cost. Discard any specialists you can't (or don't want to) employ. If the player was a pirate, you get a reward based on how many bounties the defeated player had.

Any Mission Card the player may have had is discarded.

Plundering Naval Ships

When you win Crew Combat against a Naval ship (no matter who initiated the boarding) you:

  • Draw 3 Cargo Cards and get an amount of Gold equal to the Plunder Value on the drawn cards.
  • Randomly discard a Cargo Card for each hit the Naval ship took to its cargo. The remaining goods are yours to keep.
  • Keep the ship, if you wish.

Plundering NPC Pirates

The pirate Frigate and Sloop have no cargo or Gold onboard. However, if you are a non-pirate and you defeat a pirate ship (sink it or win Crew Combat), you get a Gold reward.

  • 5 Gold for defeating a Sloop
  • 15 Gold for defeating a Frigate

Claiming Ships

When you win a boarding battle over an NPC or Player, you may discard your current ship and claim the one you fought. You may transfer: Cargo, Special Weapons, Gold and all your cards freely to the new ship. However, Ship Modifications cannot be transferred.

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