National Objectives & Bonus Income

While the goal of the game is to capture victory cities, each power also has an objective related to its historic objectives.

These objectives, if achieved, will grant you bonus income.

The United States and the United Kingdom, seemed able to meld their individual objectives into one common cause: the complete and unconditional surrender of the Axis.

This was also the official position of the Soviet Union, but the Soviets had world communism in mind as well.

In recognition of these known national objectives, each country that reaches its individual national objectives will receive a bonus sum of IPCs each turn.

Here are the national objectives for each power and their 5 IPC income bonus (also shown on the back of each national setup chart):

Axis Powers

Germany: "Lebensraum"

Japan: "The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere"

Italy: "Mare Nostrum"

Allies Powers

United States: "The Arsenal of Democracy"

United Kingdom: "The British Empire"

Soviet Union: "The Great Patriotic War"