Underground Duchy

The Duchy has long looked with suspicion on the surface dwellers. The vast wealth of the underground seemed more than enough to satiate their ambitions. Now, however, the stores are dwindling, and the Duchy looks to the great Woodland for expansion.

To succeed, they must sway ministers to join their cause and direct the Duchy's wealth toward this endeavor, providing extra actions and scoring means.

The Duchy sways ministers by revealing cards matching clearings where the Duchy has any number of pieces, representing their successes in establishing frontier outposts.

Ultimately, the Duchy will need to construct markets and citadels to justify their conquest and gain more support from Woodland separatists.

The Duchy recruits its warriors in a special clearing called the Burrow. This clearing is off the map and has no building slots, but is adjacent to every clearing with a tunnel token. Because of its peculiar construction, only Duchy warriors can enter the Burrow.

The eyes of the Duke are trained on the Woodland campaign. When any number of Duchy buildings are removed, the Duchy must pay the Price of Failure, discarding a random card and returning their swayed minister of highest rank to their Unswayed Ministers pile.

Critically, the minister's crown is removed permanently from the game!


Place one warrior, plus one warrior for each uncovered warrior icon on the Citadels track, in the Burrow.


First, take up to two of the following actions:

  • Build: Reveal a card to place a market or citadel in a matching clearing you rule.
  • Recruit: Place one warrior in the Burrow.
  • Move: Take one move.
  • Battle: Initiate a battle.
  • Dig: Spend a card to place a tunnel token in a matching clearing with no tunnel, then move up to four warriors from the Burrow into that clearing. If all of the tunnels are already on the map, you may remove a tunnel at the start of this action.

After taking these actions, you may act with any of your swayed ministers in any order.

Finally, you may sway an unswayed minister. To do so, you must reveal a number of cards based on the minister's rank-a squire needs two cards, a noble needs three, and a lord needs four. However, you can only reveal cards matching clearings where you have any pieces, and each of those clearings lets you reveal only one card.

Then, take the chosen minister card from the Unswayed Ministers pile and place it above your board, then take a crown of that minister's rank from your board and place it on the minister card. (If you wish, you can simply remove the crown from the game permanently at this point).

Score the victory points revealed on the space from which the crown was removed.


Discard any bird cards you revealed this turn, and return all the other cards you revealed this turn to your hand.

Then, you can craft by activating citadels and markets - they're treated the same here. Next, draw one card plus 7 one card per uncovered draw y bonus. Last, discard down to five cards.

Corvid Conspiracy

As the great powers fought for control of the forest, croaks, and whispers spread through its darker corners. Thriving in the chaos of outright war, the Corvid Conspiracy hatches plots to fund their criminal operations and terrorize their opponents until they strong-arm the Woodland into submission.

Whenever a plot is revealed, the Corvids score victory points based on how many plots are already revealed on the map. As such, the Corvids must carefully protect their plots from all-out attack and exposure.

The Corvid Conspiracy has eight plot tokens, two each of four kinds. (The box contains a second set, which can be used for replacement tokens in case of damage). Plot tokens score points when flipped during Birdsong. Also, each plot token has an effect, listed below.

  • Bomb: When flipped, remove all enemy pieces in its clearing, then remove this plot.

  • Snare: While face up, enemy pieces cannot be placed in or moved from its clearing.

  • Extortion: When flipped, take a random card from each enemy player with any pieces in its clearing. While face up, you draw an extra card in Evening.

  • Raid: When removed, place a warrior in each adjacent clearing. Ignore this effect if the raid was removed by Exposure (see below).

Plot tokens can be removed by enemy players just like any other token can. Also, enemy players can attempt to remove facedown plot tokens by Exposure:

Any number of times before drawing cards in their Evening, an enemy player in a clearing with a facedown plot token may show the Corvids a card matching that clearing to guess the plot's type. If they are correct, they remove the token (scoring a point) and ignore its effect. If incorrect, the token remains face down, and they give the card to the Corvids.

To protect their plot tokens, the Corvids will need to move their warriors deep within enemy territory. Thankfully, their warriors are Nimble, so they ignore rule while moving.

Additionally, their Embedded Agents provide effective protection. Whenever the Corvids are defending in battle in a clearing with a facedown plot token, they deal an extra hit- even if the plot token is defenseless!


First, you can craft using plot tokens, whether face up or face down.

Then, you may flip plot tokens in any clearings where you have at least one warrior. Each time you flip a plot, you score one victory point per face-up plot on the map, including the one you just flipped, then you resolve its flip effect if it is a bomb or extortion.

Finally, once per turn, you may spend any card to place a warrior in each matching clearing. If you discard a bird card, you choose one suit of clearings to place in.


You can take up to three of the following actions.

  • Plot: Remove one Corvid warrior, plus one Corvid warrior per plot token you have already placed this turn, from a clearing to place a facedown plot token in that clearing.

    Each clearing can only hold one plot token at a time, and all the warriors you remove in order to place the plot must come from the clearing you are placing the plot in.

  • Trick: Swap two plot tokens on the map. Both plot tokens must be face up or face down.

  • Move: Take a move.

  • Battle: Initiate a battle.


First, you may take an extra Daylight action if you choose not to draw cards during Evening.

Then, draw one card plus one card per face-up extortion token on the map. Finally, discard down to five cards.

Lake Map


Collect the 12 suit markers, flip them face down, and shuffle them. Place a suit marker in each clearing on the map, then flip them all over.

Place the ferry piece in the clearing in the bottom-right corner.

A suggested clearing setup is shown to the right.

The Ferry

Once during a player's turn, they may take a move from the clearing with the ferry to any other clearing touching the lake, placing the ferry in the destination clearing. After taking the move with the ferry, the player draws 1 card.

The Lake and Forest Adjacency

The lake is not a forest. Unlike on other maps, each forest touching the lake is adjacent to the two nearest forests touching the lake, separated by one clearing rather than a path.

Mountain Map


Collect the 12 suit markers, flip them face down, and shuffle them. Place a suit marker in each clearing on the map, then flip them all over.

Place the 6 closed path markers to cover the paths shown to the right. Place the tower piece in the central clearing, as shown to the right.

A suggested clearing setup is shown to the right.


A path covered with a closed path marker is a closed path.

Clearings linked by a closed path are not adjacent. However, closed paths enclose and divide forests exactly as paths do.

Once per turn in Daylight, a player can spend a card to remove a closed path marker, return it to the box, and score one victory point. The player must have at least one piece in any clearing linked to the closed path marker in order to remove it.

The Pass

The clearing with the tower is called the Pass. At the end of a player's Evening, if that player rules the Pass, that player scores one victory point. (You can show the player who rules the Pass at a given time by placing one of their warriors on top of the tower).

Suggested Faction Mixes

  • Two Players

  • Three Players

  • Four Players

    Five Players

  • Six Players

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