The history of the board game Risk

The board game Risk was invented in the early 1950's by Albert Lamorisse, a famous director of movies. His movie "The Red Balloon" won awards at a the Cannes Movie Festival. The first name of the game was "La Conqueste du Monde" which means Conquest of the World.

Lamorisse offered the game to Miro, a game manufacturer in France, and the rules were slightly modified by Jean-Rene Vernes to make it simple enough for starting players.

Parker Brothers had a good relationship with Miro and brought the game to the United States. They modified the look and changed again a few rules (they add cards to speed up the game) and last but not least, they changed the name into Risk: the Continental Game.

The layout of the first version was very much the same, but the playing pieces had a very different look. They were rectangular wooden cubes.

There is a legend that says that R.I.S.K. are the initials of a Parker Brothers sales exec's grandchildren.

Later the game was re-titled as Risk: the Game of Global Domination.

Risk Brief Timeline